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Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Since 1990, Harm Reduction International’s annual international harm reduction conferences have been attended by thousands of delegates from a wide range of backgrounds. As such, the Conference Organisers – Harm Reduction International and the Conference Consortium – are keen to ensure that they provide and facilitate proper care for delegates who may have special medical and healthcare needs - especially delegates who use or have used drugs. In order to do this, a Medical Committee is appointed each year consisting of local and international healthcare professionals and drug user activists. This page provides details of the facilities that will be made available at Harm Reduction 2011 in Beirut.

Information for All Delegates

  • All conference delegates should arrange their own health and travel insurance in advance of their journey to Lebanon, and should ensure that they have the appropriate documentation with them at the conference.
  • All conference delegates who are undertaking any kind of medical treatment should bring a medical record from their doctor (in English) specifying their conditions and the treatment they are following. This will make things much easier in the event of unexpected circumstances (such as the medication being mislaid or requiring urgent medical care).
  • In addition, all conference delegates who are undertaking any kind of medical treatment are encouraged to arrange and bring their own medication in enough quantity for covering their treatment during the days that they will be in Beirut.

Services Available

Each year, the conference organisers work hard to ensure that they facilitate appropriate treatment and care for delegates who may have specific medical and health care needs – including delegates who use or have used drugs, as well as those with sudden or acute primary health care problems.

For Harm Reduction 2011 in Beirut, Lebanon:

The Minister of Health in Lebanon has recently signed a ministerial decree legalizing the use of OST in Lebanon. The decree covers the use of both Buprenorphine and Methadone.

Under the Lebanese drug law, people traveling to the conference are permitted to carry their Buprenorphine or Methadone medications with them, given that they present customs with their prescriptions. Travellers will be allowed to carry one week’s worth of medication ONLY.

If you decide to bring in your OST medication to the conference, please note the following:

  • Carry with you only one week’s worth of medication
  • Secure a doctor’s prescription for the amount of medication you are carrying, with the signature of the pharmacy from which the medication was bought.

Negotiations with the Ministry of Health in Lebanon are underway regarding the availability of OST for purchase throughout the duration of the Conference.

Other harm reduction services and supplies will be available from locations close to the conference venue.

Please note that there will be no new initiation of treatments for delegates (i.e. if you are not currently receiving substitution therapy in your home country, then you will not be able to start this treatment in Lebanon).

Delegates wishing to import their medication or continue it whilst in Lebanon must contact Gill Bradbury as soon as possible.


For further information regarding the HR:2011 medical and healthcare facilities please email Gill Bradbury at

Please refer back to this page for regular updates on OST in Lebanon and further new information.