Tuesday, September 26

52 lakh rupees were cheated from 23 people in the name of hiring clerk in Panipat

Reports have emerged from Panipat that 23 individuals were conned out of Rs 52 lakh with the promise of employment as clerks in the Income Tax and PWD departments. The perpetrators gained the trust of their victims by providing them with fake ID cards and joining letters, claiming that the positions were not available online and that joining would only be confirmed through direct papers. However, these documents were handed over under false pretenses. Following the victims’ complaints, a case has been registered at the Tehsil Camp police station on the statement of Neha from Noorwala, on the orders of Home Minister Anil Vij. According to the victims, the accused would call them to Delhi for training only after providing them with fake ID cards and joining letters. However, they would disappear after waiting for hours. One victim, Sahil from Sector-12, reported that the perpetrators demanded Rs 4.5 lakh to secure him a clerk position in the Income Tax department. He paid them 2.28 lakhs, and they helped him fill out the necessary forms and even arranged an interview in Delhi. Such fraudulent activities cause significant financial loss and emotional distress to the victims. The authorities must take strict action against the perpetrators and ensure that justice is served. It is also crucial to raise awareness about such scams and educate people on how to identify and avoid them.

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