Actor Jamie Dornan Faces Health Scare Amidst Toxic Caterpillar Encounter

Popular for his role in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, Jamie Dornan recently encountered a harrowing health scare during a vacation in Portugal. The idyllic holiday took a drastic turn when Jamie and his friend, Gordon Smart, were exposed to toxic caterpillars, resulting in symptoms akin to a heart attack.

Speaking on BBC, Gordon Smart recounted the unsettling experience, stating that what started as a delightful vacation swiftly escalated as both he and Jamie began experiencing symptoms resembling cardiac issues. Following medical treatment, Jamie revealed a frightening escalation of symptoms even after Gordon’s departure from the hospital, recounting numbness in his limbs and finding himself in an ambulance. The surreal situation was buoyed by the unconventional request for a selfie by paramedics as they departed from the hospital.

Post-discharge, the doctors elucidated that their symptoms were attributed to contact with hairy processionary caterpillars, notorious for causing fatalities among dogs and inducing heart attacks in men in their 40s on golf courses in Southern Portugal. Both Jamie and his companion have since recovered from the ordeal.


1. What are the symptoms of toxic caterpillar exposure?

Toxic caterpillar exposure can result in symptoms ranging from skin irritation, rash, and itching to more severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and in extreme cases, cardiac complications resembling a heart attack.

2. What precautions can be taken to avoid toxic caterpillar exposure?

When visiting areas known for toxic caterpillars, it is essential to wear long sleeves, pants, and gloves to minimize direct contact. Additionally, individuals should refrain from touching or attempting to handle caterpillars or their nests.

3. How can toxic caterpillar exposure be treated?

Treatment for toxic caterpillar exposure involves seeking immediate medical attention. The affected area may be washed with water and mild soap, and antihistamines or corticosteroids can be prescribed to manage symptoms of irritation and allergic reactions. In severe cases, cardiac symptoms may require specialized cardiac care.


The distressing encounter faced by Jamie Dornan serves as a reminder of the unforeseen threats that can arise even in the midst of leisurely activities. It underscores the significance of being vigilant about potential hazards in unfamiliar environments and seeking prompt medical assistance when faced with unusual symptoms. The actor’s resilient recovery from this health scare is a testament to the importance of swift and effective medical intervention.

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