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Amazing Viral Video of an Elephant tries to kill Crocodile in Water, watch


In the vast realm of the animal kingdom, the wild and unpredictable often unfold before our eyes in the most astonishing ways. Such was the case in a recent viral video that took the internet by storm, featuring an African elephant, a crocodile, and an unexpected twist of events. In a dramatic display of nature’s fierce and protective instincts, a mother elephant went to great lengths to safeguard her calf from a lurking crocodile, resulting in a showdown that left viewers awe-struck and astonished.

Crocodiles are notorious opportunistic hunters, known to prey on a variety of animals, including baby elephants. In this particular instance, a crocodile found itself in an unfavorable position – directly beneath the feet of the world’s largest land mammal, the African Elephant. Unfortunately for the crocodile, this encounter would be its last.

The mother elephant, a remarkable and powerful creature weighing between 2,700 and 3,600 kilograms, displayed her extraordinary maternal instincts when she realized the danger the crocodile posed to her young calf. She was not about to take any chances. In a remarkable display of strength and determination, she took it upon herself to remove the crocodile from the vicinity of her vulnerable offspring. The video captures the mother elephant’s protective behavior in stunning detail. She approached the crocodile with incredible aggression, using her trunk and head to push it away forcefully. It was clear that the elephant was willing to go to great lengths to safeguard her calf. Remarkably, this elephant did not have tusks, relying primarily on her mouth for most of the attack.

The situation took an even more astonishing turn when the elephant, in a move that left viewers both amazed and bewildered, wrapped her trunk around the crocodile’s tail and proceeded to toss it around while continuing to trample it. The relentless and continuous assault by the powerful elephant ultimately led to the inevitable demise of the crocodile. The ferocity of the attack was a testament to the remarkable strength and determination of the mother elephant. Those who witnessed the video were left nearly speechless by the intense interaction. Hans, the person who recorded the incident, could barely find words to describe the encounter, simply stating that it was “shocking.” The video’s comments section was flooded with a mix of astonishment, admiration for the mother elephant’s bravery, and a newfound respect for the might of these gentle giants. The incredible video rapidly gained traction on the internet and amassed an impressive 21,208,233 views. Social media platforms were abuzz with discussions about this extraordinary encounter, with users sharing their amazement at the mother elephant’s actions and the unexpected twist in the tale. One user humorously noted, “Love how a crocodile is such a ferocious predator and is made to look like a completely harmless animal compared to stampy the elephant.”

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