Ananya Panday‘s cousin Ahaan Panday to make Bollywood debut with Mohit Suri’s film

Ananya Panday’s cousin, Ahaan Panday, is set to mark his debut in the Bollywood industry with an upcoming love story by award-winning director Mohit Suri. The film is being produced by Aditya Chopra’s renowned film production company, Yash Raj Films (YRF). Ahaan’s launch in the industry has been closely nurtured and overseen by YRF, highlighting the anticipation and significance of his debut.

According to a statement from a trade source quoted by Indian Express, Ahaan has undergone substantial grooming and development under the mentorship of Aditya Chopra. This strategic approach has allowed Ahaan to hone his craft and prepare for a promising entry into the film industry. The source highlighted the magnitude of Ahaan’s debut, underlining YRF’s commitment to shaping him into a notable and influential star.

The film, helmed by Mohit Suri, has been a platform for Ahaan to showcase his on-screen potential. His auditions and screen tests under Mohit’s guidance impressed the director, leading to his selection as the lead actor. Mohit Suri expressed his enthusiasm for Ahaan’s charisma and suitability for the role of a romantic hero, affirming the anticipation surrounding Ahaan’s debut.

This highly-anticipated project is being produced by YRF’s CEO, Akshaye Widhani, but the title of the film is yet to be revealed. The film is slated to commence filming in 2024.

The news of Ahaan Panday’s Bollywood debut has generated excitement within the industry and among the audience, setting the stage for the rise of a compelling new talent.


✍️Q: Who is Ahaan Panday?✍️
A: Ahaan Panday is a member of the renowned Panday family in Bollywood. He is the cousin of actress Ananya Panday and is set to make his debut as an actor in the Hindi film industry.

✍️Q: Who is directing Ahaan Panday’s debut film?✍️
A: Ahaan Panday’s debut film is being directed by Mohit Suri, known for his work in the romantic genre, which adds to the anticipation surrounding the launch of Ahaan’s career.

✍️Q: Is Ahaan Panday’s debut film a Yash Raj Films (YRF) production?✍️
A: Yes, Ahaan Panday’s debut film is being produced by Yash Raj Films (YRF).


Ahaan Panday’s entry into Bollywood with a Mohit Suri directorial backed by Yash Raj Films has significantly heightened expectations and excitement among audiences. As he prepares to make his mark in the industry, the anticipation for his debut film continues to build, drawing significant attention and interest from the film fraternity and Bollywood enthusiasts alike.

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