Andrea Mclean: Navigating Health Challenges and Redefining her Career

Andrea Mclean, the former Loose Women star, has faced significant health challenges, including a diagnosis of medium vessel vasculitis in 2016 and a recent battle with Covid. Her struggles led her to close her lifestyle website and app, Girl Is On Fire, after experiencing long Covid for about eight months. Despite these obstacles, Andrea has transformed her setbacks into a positive by redefining her career as a media trainer, emphasizing a balanced work-life approach to prioritize her well-being.

Who is Andrea Mclean?

Andrea Jean McLean, born on October 5, 1969, is a Scottish journalist and TV presenter known for her work on ITV Daytime. Her diverse career has included roles as a weather presenter on GMTV and as a familiar face on ITV’s daytime chat show Loose Women. Andrea has also worked as a freelance travel writer and gained recognition for her dynamic personality and journalistic skills.

Andrea Mclean’s Health Journey

Andrea’s health journey includes being diagnosed with medium vessel vasculitis during a hysterectomy in 2016 and battling with Covid more recently. Despite her struggles, Andrea emphasizes a balanced work-life approach to prioritize her well-being. Additionally, Andrea focuses on maintaining her health without excessive medication and has turned her health setbacks into a positive by becoming a media trainer, drawing on her extensive broadcasting experience to guide CEOs and brand ambassadors.

Andrea Mclean’s Career and Personal Life

Beyond her television career, McLean has a diverse background, with Russian Jewish roots on her father’s side. In June 2021, alongside her husband Nick Feeney, McLean became a certified life coach. At 54, Andrea McLean continues to explore new ventures and contribute to various fields.

Andrea Mclean Husband

Andrea McLean’s husband is Nick Feeney, a businessman. They began their relationship in 2014, and the couple tied the knot in November 2017.


1. What is medium vessel vasculitis?

Medium vessel vasculitis is a rare type of vasculitis that involves inflammation of blood vessels. It can affect various organs, leading to a range of symptoms and complications.

2. How did Andrea Mclean discover her vasculitis?

Andrea discovered her vasculitis during a hysterectomy in 2016, which led to her diagnosis and subsequent management of the condition.

3. What is Andrea Mclean’s new role as a media trainer?

Andrea Mclean has transitioned into a new role as a media trainer, utilizing her extensive broadcasting experience to guide CEOs and brand ambassadors in effective communication and media presence.


Andrea Mclean has navigated significant health challenges and has demonstrated resilience in transforming her setbacks into a positive career transition. As she continues to focus on her well-being and explore new ventures, she remains an inspiring figure in the media and broadcasting industry.

With her determination and new role as a media trainer, Andrea Mclean sets an example for others facing health obstacles, showcasing the potential for impactful career pivots and advocating for balanced work-life approaches in the face of adversity.

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