Anita Dunn Missing Update, What Happened to Anita Dunn?

✍️Anita Dunn Missing Update: Understanding the Tragic Tale✍️

Anita Dunn, a Joplin resident born in 1954 in Dallas, Texas, tragically became the center of a harrowing tale explored on ID’s “Murder in the Heartland.” Not much is known about her personal life or profession, but at 61, she rented a house from her former landlord, Todd Greathouse.

The storyline suggests an alleged affair between them, despite family denials. Dunn, described as a devoted dog lover and a contented housekeeper at Freeman Hospital West, reportedly decided to end the affair and reveal the truth to Greathouse’s wife. This decision ultimately led to her untimely death, as Greathouse, fearing exposure, allegedly strangled her. Todd Greathouse, a Joplin resident with a troubled past, gained notoriety through this tragic series of events. Previously convicted and sentenced to 50 years for second-degree murder in Tennessee, he was paroled and transferred his parole to Missouri. In 2016, he faced drug possession charges, but his parole remained intact.

In a recent update on the case of Anita Dunn, Todd Greathouse has been found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2016 incident. Greathouse claimed he accidentally killed Dunn during a heated argument, fearing her intent to expose their affair. The prosecution questioned the credibility of his account, pointing out inconsistencies in his statements. The defense argued that Greathouse didn’t intend to take Dunn’s life. Medical experts provided conflicting opinions on the cause of Dunn’s injuries. The jury had options for lesser charges. The sentencing is scheduled for November 6, with first-degree murder carrying a mandatory life sentence.

✍️Frequently Asked Questions✍️

✍️Q: What was Anita Dunn’s profession?✍️
A: Anita Dunn was known to be a contented housekeeper at Freeman Hospital West.

✍️Q: What was Todd Greathouse’s previous criminal history?✍️
A: Todd Greathouse had been previously convicted and sentenced to 50 years for second-degree murder in Tennessee before being paroled and transferring his parole to Missouri.

✍️Q: When is the sentencing for Todd Greathouse’s case?✍️
A: The sentencing for Todd Greathouse, found guilty of first-degree murder, is scheduled for November 6, 2022.

✍️Q: What led to the tragic events involving Anita Dunn and Todd Greathouse?✍️
A: Alleged revelations of an affair between Anita Dunn and Todd Greathouse, and Dunn’s intent to expose this alleged affair to Greathouse’s wife, led to the tragic events resulting in Dunn’s untimely death.


The tragic tale of Anita Dunn and Todd Greathouse serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of secret affairs and deep-rooted fears. While the sentencing of Todd Greathouse brings a sense of closure to the case, it also highlights the importance of seeking justice for victims of such heinous crimes. The impact of Dunn’s story, chronicled in “Murder in the Heartland,” continues to shed light on the complexities of human relationships and the unsettling repercussions that can transpire.

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