Ashley Park Opens Up About Health Scare During Holiday Season

‘Emily in Paris’ star Ashley Park recently shared a personal health journey with her fans, detailing a serious health scare that landed her in the hospital. In an Instagram post, Park revealed how a case of tonsillitis had escalated into critical septic shock, impacting multiple organs. She expressed gratitude for her improved condition and thanked her partner for unwavering support during the ordeal.

Ashley Park’s Experience

During the holiday season, Ashley Park’s health took a dramatic turn for the worse, leading to a battle with critical septic shock. The 32-year-old actress shared her experience on social media, acknowledging that she had initially received grim news about her condition but ultimately saw significant improvement.

Gratitude Towards Partner

Amidst the trying times, Park expressed her deep appreciation for her partner, Paul Forman, who stood by her side throughout the entire ordeal, providing unconditional support. She described how he helped to calm her fears and remained a constant presence during the numerous medical procedures and challenges they faced together.

About Ashley Park

Ashley Park is known for her roles in ‘Emily in Paris’ and the Mean Girls musical. Her portrayal of the free-spirited Mindy in ‘Emily in Paris’ was well received by audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What happened to Ashley Park during the holiday season?

While on holiday, Ashley Park’s case of tonsillitis developed into critical septic shock, affecting multiple organs and leading to a health crisis.

2. Who supported Ashley Park during her health scare?

Ashley Park’s partner, Paul Forman, provided unwavering support, accompanying her through numerous medical procedures and challenges and remaining a constant source of comfort.

3. What are Ashley Park’s notable acting roles?

Ashley Park is known for her role as Mindy in ‘Emily in Paris’ and her portrayal of Madame Park in the Mean Girls musical.


Ashley Park’s revelation about her health scare sheds light on the resilience and strength she displayed during a challenging time. Her message serves as a reminder of the importance of support and gratitude in overcoming adversity.

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