BGMI A5 Royale Pass Leaked: Expected Price, Rewards

# BGMI A5 Royale Pass: What to Expect from the New Update

BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new A5 Royale Pass with the upcoming 3.0 update. The new Royale Pass is expected to bring in a host of exciting rewards and themes, offering players an enhanced gaming experience. A recent leak has provided a sneak peek into the rewards, skins, and items that players can expect from the A5 Royale Pass. Here’s everything you need to know about the BGMI A5 Royale Pass, including its expected price and a comprehensive list of rewards.

➤ BGMI A5 Royale Pass Rewards Leak

The upcoming A5 Royale Pass is rumored to consist of 100 levels, and excitingly, it will introduce an upgradeable pan skin for the first time, along with a loot box skin featuring a kill feed animation. Additionally, players can look forward to a new Molotov skin with kill feed animation and a level 100 mythic outfit with a Dragon Abode theme. The Royale Pass will consist of two variants:

1. ✍️Monthly Subscription Variant✍️: This variant unlocks the Pass from level 1 to level 50 in the first month and level 50-100 in the subsequent month, costing 60 UC per month.

2. ✍️Elite Pass✍️: Priced at 960 UC per month, this variant offers an alternative option for players to access the entire BGMI A5 Royale Pass.

Players also have the option of purchasing the entire BGMI A5 Royale Pass outright for 720 UC. Furthermore, players can progress through daily missions to unlock the rewards available with the Pass.

➤ Royale Pass Complete Reward List

Here is a comprehensive list of all the rewards available in the BGMI A5 Royale Pass:

– Rank 1: Fatal Fox Set, Fatal Fox Cover
– Rank 10: Shinobi Armour PP 19 Bizon
– Rank 15: Dizzy Spin emote, Enigmatic Night Plane skin
– Rank 20: Kitsune Omen Helmet skin
– Rank 25: Kitsune Omen parachute skin
– Rank 30: Fatal Fox- Win94 skin, Cyberfighter emote
– Rank 40: Cyberfighter set and mask
– Rank 45: Cyborg Avenger Mask
– Rank 50: Faerie Luster- Pan (Level 1)
– Rank 55: Puppet Joy emote, Shinobi Armour- S686 skin
– Rank 60: Gilded Glaze Backpack
– Rank 65: Festive Firecrackers Ornament
– Rank 70: Cyborg Avenger Set, Night Yonder Bus Skin
– Rank 80: Flutter Pink- P1911, Kitsune Omen Smoke skin, Faerie Luster emote
– Rank 90: Fortified Gold- M762 skin
– Rank 100: Faerie Luster Set (level 1)

It’s evident that the A5 Royale Pass brings a diverse range of rewards, from character and weapon skins to emotes and other in-game items. With a variety of options, including the monthly subscription and Elite Pass, players can choose the best way to access these enticing rewards.


➤# 1. When will the BGMI A5 Royale Pass be released?
The A5 Royale Pass is expected to be released with the upcoming 3.0 update later this month.

➤# 2. How much does the BGMI A5 Royale Pass cost?
The entire BGMI A5 Royale Pass can be purchased for 720 UC, while the monthly subscription costs 60 UC and the Elite Pass is priced at 960 UC per month.

➤# 3. What are some of the standout rewards in the A5 Royale Pass?
Some standout rewards include the Fatal Fox Set, Shinobi Armour PP 19 Bizon, Dizzy Spin emote, and the level 100 mythic outfit with a Dragon Abode theme.

# Conclusion

The arrival of the BGMI A5 Royale Pass comes with a plethora of rewards and themes that are set to elevate the gaming experience for players. With an array of exciting rewards and the introduction of new skins and items, the A5 Royale Pass is sure to captivate the BGMI community. Players can gear up to make the most of the new rewards as they progress through the 100 levels of the A5 Royale Pass, making it an exciting addition to the BGMI universe. Keep an eye out for the release of the 3.0 update and get ready to embark on a thrilling new gaming adventure with BGMI’s A5 Royale Pass.

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