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BGMI: How to improve Solo vs Squad skills in the game

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a popular multiplayer battle royale game where teams of four players compete against each other for a chicken dinner. However, some players prefer a more challenging experience and choose to play solo vs squad, where they test their skills against multiple enemy teams.

Here are some tips to improve your solo vs squad skills in BGMI:  

1. Choose the Right Landing Spot: When playing solo vs squad, it’s crucial to choose a landing spot that has fewer enemies and sufficient loot. Avoid hot drop locations like Pochinki, Sosnovka Military Base, and Georgopol containers, as these areas are usually crowded with teams. Opt for quieter spots like Gatka, Mansion, School, or Farm, where you can gather loot and prepare for battles.

2. Gather Sufficient Loot: To take on multiple enemy teams, you need to ensure you have enough loot. Stock up on ammunition, healing supplies, and throwables like frag grenades and smoke grenades. Having an ample supply of loot will allow you to engage in back-to-back fights without worrying about running out of resources.

3. Choose the Right Weapons: In solo vs squad situations, it’s important to have the right weapons. Avoid using snipers and Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) as they are more suited for long-range engagements. Instead, opt for close-range weapons like the AKM or the DBS shotgun, which is currently popular in the meta. Additionally, have a weapon that can handle mid to long-range battles, such as the M416, which is versatile and easy to master.

4. Engage in Winnable Fights: It’s essential to pick your battles wisely when playing solo vs squad. Look for ongoing fights while in a vehicle and assess the situation before deciding to engage. Beginners can build confidence by choosing fights that are more favorable and where they have a higher chance of success. Avoid unnecessary fights in the early and mid-game stages, as teams are usually prepared and you may find yourself outnumbered.

5. Utilize Map Cover: Maps in BGMI, like Erangel, offer plenty of cover options that you can use to your advantage. Take advantage of natural cover, buildings, and terrain to hide or camp strategically. Surprise your enemies by hiding in cover and catching them off guard, which can lead to multiple knockdowns or eliminations.
By following these tips, you can improve your solo vs squad skills in BGMI. Remember to practice and adapt your strategies based on the situation. With experience and perseverance, you can become a formidable player in solo vs squad matches. Good luck!

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