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BGMI Urgent Notice: List of Promotions and features discontinued

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) offers a variety of promotions and features to enhance the gaming experience for its players. Here are some notable ones:

1. In-Game Events: BGMI regularly hosts in-game events that provide players with unique challenges, rewards, and opportunities to earn exclusive items. These events can range from limited-time game modes, themed events, collaborations with popular franchises, and more.

2. Royale Pass: Similar to other battle royale games, BGMI features a Royale Pass system. Players can purchase the Royale Pass to unlock tiers and earn rewards by completing missions and challenges. The rewards include cosmetic items, weapon skins, emotes, and more.

3. Limited-Time Promotions: BGMI often introduces limited-time promotions where players can obtain exclusive items or discounts on in-game purchases. These promotions may include special bundles, crates, or events tied to real-world occasions or holidays.

4. Collaborations: BGMI frequently collaborates with popular franchises, such as Godzilla vs. Kong, Tesla, and McLaren, to bring unique content and themed items into the game. These collaborations offer players a chance to experience crossover events and collect special items related to the partnered brands.

5. Customization Options: BGMI provides a wide range of customization options for players to personalize their in-game characters and weapons. This includes different outfits, weapon skins, vehicle skins, emotes, and more. Players can collect these items through gameplay or by purchasing them from the in-game store.

6. eSports Tournaments: BGMI supports competitive gaming through its eSports tournaments. Players can participate in official tournaments and compete against others for a chance to win prizes and recognition. These tournaments showcase the skill and talent of players

But Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, a list of promotions and events will be discontinued on October 8, 23:59 (UTC). This means that several items and events will no longer be accessible after this date.

Here are the details of the items that will be discontinued:  

1. Aston Martin Speed Drift – The promotion for this item was initially scheduled to run from September 1 to October 9. However, it will now end on October 8, 23:59:59 (UTC).

2. Marmoris X-Suit – The availability of the Marmoris X-Suit was originally planned from August 23 to October 9. However, it will now end on October 8, 23:59:59 (UTC).

3. Dragon Ball Discovery – The event related to Dragon Ball Discovery was initially set to run from August 10 to October 10. However, it will now conclude on October 8, 23:59:59 (UTC).

4. Ancient Crate – Psychophage Set – The availability of the Ancient Crate – Psychophage Set was originally planned from September 6 to October 17. However, it will now end on October 8, 23:59:59 (UTC).

It is important to note that these items and events will no longer be accessible after the specified date. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of any remaining opportunities and rewards before they expire. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change and appreciate your understanding.

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