Bhuvan Bam Sets the Record Straight on Recent House Purchase in Delhi

Bhuvan Bam, the popular internet sensation known for his ‘BB Ki Vines’, recently found himself in the spotlight due to reports suggesting his acquisition of a new residence in Delhi valued at Rs 11 crores. Bam has now decided to clear the air, emphasizing that while he did purchase a new house, the reported valuation is incorrect. The comedian-actor expressed his astonishment at the leak of this private information, acknowledging the familial complications that arose upon the news becoming public.

Addressing the rumors about the house’s price tag, Bhuvan Bam told Hindustan Times, ‘Arre nahi, galat hai’.

He went on to explain, ‘Yes, I have bought a house, but the news getting out was unplanned, and it caught me off guard. I hadn’t even informed my family, and they ended up finding out through the news. It’s put me in a tight spot as I’m under fire now, and I’m unsure how to handle the situation.’

Reflecting on the significance of acquiring the house, the ‘BB Ki Vines’ star shared, ‘It is a good feeling. But materialistic things don’t excite me much now. A house is something I always wanted, to build a house on my own. It is a feeling I cannot put in words. It is something I want to live for the next one and a half years, I want to build it. I want to keep it as private as possible.’

Bhuvan Bam has garnered an impressive following of over 20 million subscribers on YouTube through his immensely popular comedy channel, ‘BB Ki Vines’. The channel humorously portrays the life of a city-dwelling teenager, offering glimpses into his interactions with friends and family.

Besides his comedic pursuits, Bhuvan Bam has delved into acting and music. He is a talented singer and songwriter, with several singles to his name, including tracks like ‘Rahguzaar,’ ‘Ajnabee,’ ‘Safar,’ and ‘Sang Hoon Tere’. Furthermore, he has showcased his acting abilities in web series such as ‘Dhindora’ and ‘Who’s Your Daddy,’ as well as in short films like ‘Plus Minus’ and ‘Titu Talks.’

Notably, Bam also appeared in the series ‘Taaza Khabar,’ which gained significant popularity in 2023. Owing to its success, the show has been renewed for a second season.


1. What is the source of Bhuvan Bam’s fame?

Bhuvan Bam gained widespread recognition through his YouTube channel ‘BB Ki Vines’, which showcases comedic sketches based on the life of a city-dwelling teenager and his interactions with friends and family.

2. What other ventures has Bhuvan Bam been involved in?

Aside from his YouTube success, Bhuvan Bam has pursued a career in music and acting. He has released several singles and has appeared in web series and short films.

3. What does Bhuvan Bam’s recent house purchase signify for him?

For Bam, the purchase of a house signifies a significant personal achievement and a lifelong dream. He expressed a desire to keep the details of this milestone as private as possible.


Bhuvan Bam’s recent clarification regarding the reports of his new house purchase in Delhi sheds light on the challenges of navigating personal milestones in the public eye. As fans continue to support his work and endeavors, Bam remains focused on his creative pursuits, encompassing comedy, music, and acting.

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