Big Brother Star Skye Wheatley Plastic Surgery Before and After

Australian reality TV star, social media influencer, and fitness guru, Skye Wheatley, recently underwent a corrective breast enhancement procedure to address issues stemming from a previous botched surgery. The 29-year-old opened up about her medical journey, sharing her experiences with transparency and openness, and has expressed contentment with the results. Skye’s plastic surgery journey serves as a cautionary tale, encouraging others to prioritize safety and reliability when considering cosmetic procedures.

Who is Skye Wheatley?

Skye Wheatley is a multi-faceted Australian personality who gained fame as a contestant on the reality show Big Brother Australia in 2014. Since then, she has built a diverse career, becoming a successful influencer with a substantial following on Instagram, where she shares fitness inspiration, glamorous snapshots, and glimpses into her adventurous lifestyle. Skye is also a certified personal trainer, an entrepreneur, and a devoted mother to her two sons, Forest and Bear.

Skye Wheatley Career

Skye’s career encompasses various facets, including reality TV stardom, social media influencing, fitness coaching, and entrepreneurship. Her commitment to health and wellness extends beyond the digital sphere, as she has developed her own fitness programs and ebooks and previously served as the head strength and conditioning coach for the Australian Gridiron Team. Additionally, she co-founded the clothing brand “White Willow,” showcasing her interest in fashion and her business acumen.

Skye Wheatley Family Background

While Skye Wheatley is open about many aspects of her life, information about her immediate family is kept relatively private. She occasionally offers glimpses into her family dynamics, implying that she values her family’s privacy but enjoys spending time with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why did Skye Wheatley undergo plastic surgery?

Skye Wheatley underwent plastic surgery to rectify issues stemming from a previous botched breast enhancement procedure in Thailand. The corrective surgery was aimed at addressing a ‘double bubble’ issue caused by a lower-positioned breast implant.

2. What career ventures is Skye Wheatley involved in?

Besides her reality TV stardom, Skye Wheatley is a social media influencer, fitness coach, and entrepreneur. She is also a certified personal trainer and co-founder of the clothing brand “White Willow.”

3. What is Skye Wheatley known for?

Skye Wheatley is known for her appearances on reality TV, her substantial following on Instagram, her role as a fitness coach, and her entrepreneurial ventures. She is also known for her openness about her struggles and challenges.

4. Why is Skye Wheatley considered an inspiration?

Skye Wheatley is considered an inspiration due to her openness about her struggles and challenges, her positive attitude, and her adventurous spirit. She serves as a role model for many individuals.


Skye Wheatley’s journey from reality TV to social media influencing, fitness coaching, and entrepreneurship exemplifies her ability to thrive in diverse fields. Her recent plastic surgery experience serves as a cautionary tale, urging others to prioritize safety and reliability when contemplating cosmetic procedures. Skye’s openness and resilience continue to inspire others, making her not only a public figure but also a genuine role model.

# Skye Wheatley: Navigating her Personal Life and Finances

Skye Wheatley, a well-known figure in the social media and fitness industry, has garnered attention not only for her career but also for her personal life. With a strong focus on family and a diverse income stream, Skye’s life offers a glimpse into the dynamics of modern relationships and entrepreneurship.

➤ Skye Wheatley: Family and Relationship

As of 2023, Skye Wheatley is in a long-term relationship with Lachlan Waugh, and they share two sons, Forest and Bear. While they are not officially married, their close-knit family dynamic is evident in the way they present a united front on social media and in their shared adventures. In October 2023, Skye announced their decision to take a break from their romantic relationship while continuing to co-parent their children. Despite the ambiguity surrounding their official commitment, their strong bond as a family remains evident.

➤ Skye Wheatley: Net Worth and Business Ventures

Skye Wheatley has built a successful career as a social media influencer, leveraging her online presence and fitness expertise to generate a substantial income. With over 623,000 Instagram followers, she earns from sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing, reportedly charging several thousand dollars per post. Additionally, her YouTube channel and online fitness programs contribute to her overall income, showcasing her entrepreneurial skills and diverse income streams. As a certified personal trainer, Skye’s expertise extends beyond social media and into the realm of personalized fitness coaching.


➤# 1. Is Skye Wheatley legally married?

As of 2023, Skye Wheatley is not legally married to Lachlan Waugh, her long-term partner. Despite this, they project a united front as a family and continue to co-parent their children.

➤# 2. What is Skye Wheatley’s net worth?

Skye Wheatley’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her income primarily stems from her work as a social media influencer, supplemented by her online fitness programs and various business ventures.

➤# 3. What are Skye Wheatley’s main sources of income?

Skye Wheatley’s main sources of income include sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing on Instagram. She also generates revenue from her YouTube channel, online fitness programs, and personalized fitness coaching.

➤ Conclusion

Skye Wheatley’s public persona offers a fascinating blend of personal and professional aspects. As she navigates her role as a mother, partner, and entrepreneur, she continues to prioritize her family’s privacy while sharing glimpses of their close-knit connections. Her entrepreneurial prowess and ability to diversify her income streams showcase her business acumen and financial stability. Regardless of the challenges she faces in her personal life, Skye Wheatley continues to inspire and connect with her audience through her multifaceted journey.

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