Tuesday, September 26

Bike rider’s throat slit after getting stuck in China Manja, got 60 stitches

In Ludhiana, a horrifying incident occurred where a bike rider named Rajesh Singla had his throat cut after a China Manja got stuck near Abdullapur Basti. Singla, who resides on Pakhowal Road, was on his way to a temple in Shivpuri when the unfortunate incident took place. As he reached Abdullapur Basti, the string from the door got entangled around his neck, resulting in a severe cut to his throat. Subsequently, Singla fell off his bike.
Fortunately, bystanders quickly came to his aid and rushed him to the hospital. Doctors treated Singla, who was in critical condition, and he received a total of 60 stitches. The severity of the situation was evident as even a slight movement of the string could have led to his windpipe being severed.

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