Saturday, December 2

Brain Teaser Challenge: Find how many pigeon’s are there in the picture in 5 sec

Get ready to put your observation skills to the test with our 10-second Brain Teaser Challenge! In this visual challenge, we present you with a picture of a rooftop where a flock of pigeons is perched. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to quickly count how many pigeons are in the picture. But beware, these pigeons are cunningly camouflaged against the backdrop, and you’ll need to pay close attention to spot them all.

Let’s start this challenge

Set a Timer: Grab your smartphone or a stopwatch and set it to 10 seconds. That’s all the time you have to complete this challenge!
Examine the Picture: Take a good look at the rooftop picture with pigeons. Observe every nook and cranny, and scan for pigeons of all shapes and sizes.
Count the Pigeons: As the timer begins, start counting the pigeons in the picture. Remember, every pigeon counts, no matter how well they’re hiding.

Stop When the Timer Ends: When the 10-second timer runs out, stop counting and make your final tally.

Have you spotted all the pigeons in the picture in 10 seconds? Yes

Then match your count with ours and if your count matches then you are the winner of the challenge.

Brain Teaser Answer

Now, let’s find out how many pigeons you were able to spot in the picture. Did you manage to count them all, or did some elusive pigeons slip through your observation?

Drumroll, please…

The actual number of pigeons in the picture is 9:

[Keep the number a secret for now!]

This Brain Teaser Challenge is a great reminder of how our brains work and how we can sharpen our observation and counting skills. It’s also a fantastic way to test your attention to detail and train your mind for other puzzles and challenges.

So, are you ready to reveal the number of pigeons you counted? It’s time to share your results and challenge your friends to see if they can match your pigeon-counting prowess. Have fun, and remember that these brain teasers are all about enjoying the process of learning and growing through fun challenges. Happy pigeon counting!

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