Saturday, December 2

Brain Test: Only persons with Hawk eyes can spot the cherry with no worm in 8 seconds

Gergely Dudás, better known as Dudolf, has once again graced puzzle enthusiasts with a perplexing brain teaser. This time, the beloved author and artist from Hungary has taken to his popular blog to challenge his followers with a mind-bending visual puzzle. The task at hand? Spotting the single cherry among a sea of cherries, but with a tricky twist: the cherry you’re looking for doesn’t have a worm, and it doesn’t have a stem. To successfully solve this puzzle, you’ll need hawk-like attention to detail.

Dudolf’s puzzles are renowned for their clever use of color, shape, and visual illusions, and this one is no exception. A patch of cherries sprawls across the image, with their vibrant red color and distinctive shape making the challenge all the more difficult. Among these cherries, only one stands out – the worm-free cherry.
If you’re finding this puzzle to be a true test of your visual acuity, here’s a hint to get you on the right track: the cherry you’re looking for doesn’t have a stem. This small detail is the key to spotting the cherry that stands apart from the rest.

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Like many of Dudolf’s puzzles, this challenge is designed to test your observation skills and ability to pay attention to even the tiniest of details. You have just 8 seconds to spot the cherry with no worm and no stem among the bunch. Can you do it?

Answer to the Brain Teaser:

If you’ve given it your best shot and still can’t find the elusive cherry, don’t worry. Dudolf has provided a solution for those who need a little extra help. You can scroll down for the solution in the picture, which will reveal the cherry you’ve been looking for.

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