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Brain IQ: Test your skills and find the number 300 from the image in 9 seconds

Brain teasers are a great way to challenge our cognitive abilities and have some fun at the same time. In this particular brain teaser, we will test your skills in finding the number 300 among a series of numbers within a limited time frame. So, get ready to sharpen your focus and put your visual perception to the test!

Your task is to find the number 300 within an image that consists of 20 rows of numbers. You have a mere 9 seconds to locate this elusive number. It may seem like a daunting task, but with a strategic approach and a keen eye, you can conquer this brain teaser.



To increase your chances of finding the number 300 within the given time limit, consider the following tips:  

1. Stay focused: Concentrate solely on the task at hand and avoid distractions. Keep your mind clear and focused on finding the number 300.

2. Scan systematically: Start from the top row and move row by row, ensuring you don’t miss any numbers. This systematic approach will help you cover the entire image efficiently.

3. Use peripheral vision: While scanning each row, utilize your peripheral vision to capture a broader view of the numbers. This technique can help you spot patterns or sequences more quickly.

4. Look for visual cues: Sometimes, numbers may be hidden in plain sight but disguised through clever formatting or arrangement. Pay attention to any visual cues that might make the number 300 stand out from the rest.

5. Practice makes perfect: Brain teasers like this one require practice to improve your speed and accuracy. Challenge yourself with similar puzzles regularly to enhance your cognitive abilities.

Answer to the Brain Teaser

The number 300 is hidden on the 12th row of the image.

To successfully find it, follow these steps:  

1. Begin by scanning the image from the top row, moving row by row, until you reach the 12th row.
2. Pay close attention to each row, examining the numbers carefully.
3. Look for the specific arrangement of digits that form the number 300, which is “003” in this case.
4. Once you spot the sequence “003” on the 12th row, you have successfully found the number 300.

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