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Brain Teaser: Only persons with high IQ level can detect Who Stole the watermelon

The human brain is a complex and remarkable organ, capable of solving intricate puzzles, making sense of the world, and even detecting subtleties that escape casual observers. In the realm of brain teasers, one popular challenge stands out – the “Who Stole the Watermelon” test. This enigmatic puzzle is designed to assess your intelligence level and requires you to identify the thief who concealed a watermelon while waiting in line to pay for their items. In just eight seconds, can you determine the perpetrator among the four suspects?

The puzzle presents an image featuring four individuals who have been questioned in connection with a watermelon theft. Each of them stands in line, seemingly ready to pay for their items. However, one of these individuals has committed the cunning act of stealing a watermelon and hiding it amongst their belongings. The challenge is straightforward but requires a sharp eye and quick thinking: “Who stole a watermelon?”

The Suspects

Let’s break down the suspects and their associated attributes:

Suspect 1: A pregnant woman.
Suspect 2: A lady with a big red carry bag.
Suspect 3: A woman with a big purple carry bag.
Suspect 4: A man with a football.

Have you found the thief from the picture? Yes

Congratulations to those who found the solution to the Brain Test in the allotted time

Those still looking for the thief can check its answer below:

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Answer to the Brain Test
Now, it’s time to unveil the answer. To successfully detect the watermelon thief, you must rely on your ability to observe and deduce. Upon closer inspection, the critical detail that reveals the thief is the individual’s behavior.

Image Credit: Bright Side

In this case, Suspect 4, the man with a football, is the likely culprit. While his actions may seem innocent at first glance, a closer look suggests something is amiss. He appears to be putting in more effort than necessary to carry a football. It seems as though he is exerting an unusual amount of energy to keep his possession concealed. This is the subtle clue that hints at his involvement in the theft.

The logical conclusion is that Suspect 4 has ingeniously hidden a watermelon inside the football. While the other suspects’ attributes may initially mislead you, it’s the incongruity in Suspect 4’s behavior that exposes the truth.

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