BTS‘ Jungkook’s Heartwarming Message for ARMYs Before Enlistment Wins Hearts: ‘I’ll Do My Best‘

BTS Jungkook’s fan following transcends borders. Aside from his enchanting vocals and attractive visuals, what makes JK a fan favorite is his ability to connect with his fans. The Golden Maknae, who began serving his mandatory military service in December 2023, is currently winning hearts for the sweet messages that he left for ARMYs before he got enlisted.

Jungkook’s Heartfelt Message for Fans

On February 3, BIGHIT Entertainment surprised BTS fans known as ARMYs, dropping a video of Jungkook from the ‘Standing Next To You’ video shoot. In the video, the BTS singer is seen grooving, chatting, and fanboying over Usher. However, what caught everyone’s attention was his heartfelt message for ARMYs. Addressing fans ahead of his enlistment, Jungkook said, “ARMYs, you would probably feel melancholy by the time you watch this video. This would be my last closing comment. Thank you so much for waiting. I’ll do my best to make you guys keep supporting us naturally,” he said, adding, “Make you support? I’m not saying you should. I’ll try to make that happen when I come back.” Further, he encouraged fans to live their lives to the fullest while BTS completed their mandatory military service. He said, “You guys go and live your lives, and I will be back as if I had ever left.”

Jungkook’s Discography

Jung Kook officially embarked on his solo journey with his single “Seven.” The song’s release was met with immense excitement from fans, quickly propelling it to become a viral anthem across social media platforms. Following the song’s success, Jungkook also dropped his album, ‘Golden,’ in November, which established him as the most successful K-pop soloist of all time.

BTS, as a group, is expected to reunite in 2025 after all members complete their mandatory military enlistment.

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Q: When did Jungkook begin his mandatory military service?

A: Jungkook began serving his mandatory military service in December 2023.

Q: What message did Jungkook leave for ARMYs before his enlistment?

A: Jungkook expressed his gratitude to ARMYs and assured them that he will do his best to keep them naturally supporting BTS, and encouraged them to live their lives to the fullest while the group completes their service.

Q: What solo projects has Jungkook released?

A: Jungkook released his single “Seven,” followed by his album “Golden,” establishing himself as the most successful K-pop soloist of all time.


Jungkook’s heartfelt message to ARMYs before his enlistment, coupled with his successful solo projects, showcases his dedication to his fans and music. As BTS members fulfill their mandatory military service, fans can anticipate the group’s reunion in 2025, while continuing to support Jungkook in his solo endeavors.

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