BTS member Taehyung aka V looks like an Anime character in this magazine cover; pictures inside

# BTS’ Taehyung Stuns Fans with Anime Character-Like Looks on Magazine Cover

BTS member Kim Taehyung, also known as V, has once again captivated the internet with his stunning appearance. Just a day after sharing a glimpse of himself in a military uniform, the ‘Sweet Night’ singer has now treated fans to a series of breathtaking pictures on his Instagram account. These photos are part of his feature on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea’s February edition, and it’s safe to say Taehyung’s look has left fans in awe.

The magazine has also teased a few sneak peeks from the photoshoot on their social media page, and larger-than-life billboards of V can be spotted outside the magazine’s office in Korea. The February issue is set to showcase V in various striking looks, offering a glimpse into the singer’s unique style. The publication congratulated V on completing his military training and shared, “Today, #KimTaehyung who completed the training camp and was selected as an elite trainee, was revealed! Also unveils V’s new, playful face that has never been seen before. See more of V’s colorful pictorials in the February issue!”

Fans were quick to express their excitement and overwhelm on social media after the release of these new photographs. Many netizens have commented on how V looks like an Anime character in the pictures, while others have remarked on the tiger-like energy exuded by Taehyung, who is affectionately called ‘baby tiger’ and ‘winter bear’. The response from fans has been nothing short of enthusiastic, with many hailing the new photos as another win for Team Tiger.

Known for his impeccable sense of style, V has always been a fan favorite, having previously graced the covers of Vogue Korea, Elle Korea, Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, and W Korea.

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, BTS leader RM shared pictures featuring him with V as the duo completed their military training. Both artists looked dapper in military uniforms, striking a pose with a salute. RM and V wrapped up their five weeks of training with top honors, much to the delight of their adoring fans.

It’s clear that Taehyung’s latest magazine cover has once again proven his status as a fashion and cultural icon, with fans eagerly anticipating the release of the February issue of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea.


➤# What magazine is Taehyung featured in for the February edition?
Taehyung is featured on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea’s February edition.

➤# What are fans saying about Taehyung’s latest photoshoot?
Many fans have commented that Taehyung looks like an Anime character in the pictures, while others have remarked on the tiger-like energy exuded by him.

➤# How has Taehyung been described by fans in relation to animals?
Taehyung is affectionately called ‘baby tiger’ and ‘winter bear’ by fans.

➤# What did RM and V recently accomplish together?
RM and V recently completed their military training with top honors.

➤ Conclusion
Taehyung’s latest photographs on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea’s February edition have once again caused a stir among fans, with his Anime character-like appearance and tiger energy garnering enthusiastic responses. As BTS continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Taehyung’s unique style and charm are certainly leaving an indelible mark on the fashion and entertainment industry.

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