Tuesday, September 26

Canada may limit the number of international students

The Canadian government is considering implementing restrictions on the number of international students coming to the country due to the challenges posed by providing housing services for them. Currently, there are over 800,000 international students studying in various colleges and universities in Canada, a significant increase from the 275,000 in 2012. This surge in international student enrollment has put a strain on the government’s ability to provide adequate housing for them.
Housing Minister Sean Fraser has acknowledged the issue and stated that the government is actively contemplating the idea of limiting the number of international students. The objective behind this potential decision is to address the burden on the government in terms of housing services and ensure that there is sufficient accommodation available for both domestic and international students.
By placing restrictions on the number of international students, the Canadian government aims to alleviate the pressure on housing availability and affordability. This move is intended to create a more balanced housing market and mitigate the competition and rising rental prices in certain areas that have been driven by the influx of international students.

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