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Disney+ to Begin Password Sharing Crackdown This November in Canada

News, Tech
Disney+ will be implementing restrictions on password sharing in Canada starting November 1. Subscribers received an email informing them that sharing accounts with individuals outside their household will no longer be allowed. The term "household" refers to devices associated with a primary personal address used by individuals living in the same residence. However, the announcement lacks clarity, leaving room for interpretation. It seems that as long as outsiders sign in at the main account holder's residence, they may be considered part of the household. Disney has not provided specific details on how it plans to enforce this policy, but it has stated that it will monitor account activity to ensure compliance. If users are found to be violating the rules, their access to the streami...

World Tourism Week: IAF Centre, Plaza and Sukhna Lake will shine with lighting

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In Chandigarh, preparations are underway to celebrate World Tourism Day for a week. The administration is taking the initiative to make this occasion special by organizing events in various tourist spots across the city. One of the highlights of the celebrations will be the illumination of all tourist places through temporary lighting. The Government Press Building of Sector-18, Indian Air Force Center, Sukhna Lake, Sector-17 Plaza area, Capital Complex, and other tourist spots will be adorned with lighting, which will cost approximately Rs 2.14 lakh. This lighting will enhance the ambiance and attractiveness of these places, creating a festive atmosphere. The theme for this year's World Tourism Day is "Tourism with Green Investment." In line with this theme, the Tourism Department o...

Haryana: Case registered against Tehsildar for wrong registration

A case of fraud involving Rs 8.34 lakh has recently been uncovered in Garhi Harsar, located in the Sector-10 police station area of Gurugram. The fraud was carried out by wrongfully registering a plot in someone's name. The victim lodged a complaint with the police, leading to the registration of a case against the former Tehsildar of Harsaru Tehsil, a property dealer, and the landlord involved in the fraudulent activity. Anil Gupta, a resident of Sector-105, filed the complaint accusing the three individuals of committing fraud and seeking justice. The police have initiated an investigation into the matter and have registered a case. The officer in charge stated that further action would be taken based on the evidence uncovered during the investigation.

Microsoft unveils artificial intelligence governance blueprint for India

Microsoft has recently unveiled a blueprint for Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance in India. The company has released a white paper outlining its proposals for a regulatory framework to ensure the security and responsible use of AI technology. The framework includes guidelines for security protocols, licensing arrangements, and security monitoring. One of the key aspects of Microsoft's proposal is the establishment of security regulations that prevent system developers from breaching the security system. By implementing these rules, Microsoft aims to ensure that AI systems are developed and used in a secure and trustworthy manner. The company's blueprint also emphasizes the need for licensing arrangements for permitted users. This suggests that Microsoft advocates for a system w...

Doctors will have to prescribe generic medicines, otherwise license will be suspended

The National Medical Commission has introduced new rules that require doctors to write only generic medicines on prescriptions. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the suspension of their medical license for a certain period of time. Generic medicines, which are significantly cheaper than branded medicines, can help reduce healthcare expenses. The Professional Conduct of Registered Medical Practitioner Regulation, issued on August 2, emphasizes that doctors should also avoid prescribing branded generic medicines. Instead, they should prescribe medicines using the generic name. In case of a violation of this rule, doctors may receive a warning to adhere to the regulation or be required to undergo professional training. If violations persist, their medical license may be susp...

Operation Seal: 50 lakh cash recovered from bus rider in Punjab

During a blockade operation called Operation Seal-3, the local police in Muzaffarnagar recovered cash amounting to Rs 50 lakh from a man named Salim. The cash could not be accounted for, leading to the involvement of the Income Tax team. The investigation has been handed over to them, and the cash has been deposited in the Police Malkhana for safekeeping. According to ASP Dr. Darpan Ahluwalia, the police had previously conducted a blockade at the Jharmari interstate border in Haryana. During this operation, Salim's son, Islam, was stopped at a barrier and searched on a bus. It was during this search that the cash amounting to Rs 50 lakh was found in his possession. Salim was unable to provide any documentary evidence regarding the origin or purpose of the cash. To further investigate...

UP Congress President said – Rahul will contest from Amethi

Ajay Rai, the newly appointed Congress president in Uttar Pradesh, has made some significant claims regarding the upcoming elections. He stated that Rahul Gandhi, former Congress president, will be contesting from Amethi, a constituency he has previously represented. Additionally, he mentioned that Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul's sister and a prominent Congress leader, has the freedom to choose her constituency in the state. Rai expressed confidence in the Congress party's prospects in Uttar Pradesh by referring to the party's success in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections when they won 22 seats in the state. He believes that the Congress has witnessed an increase in its mass base in Uttar Pradesh and that the public is disillusioned with the BJP's policies, which he considers to be anti-people. Ra...

Two accused of Nuh violence in Haryana arrested after encounter with police

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In a recent development, two individuals from Gavarka village, who were allegedly involved in the violence in Nuh, have been arrested by the CIA (Crime Investigation Agency) after an encounter in Tawdu on Thursday morning. One of the accused, Munfaid, was shot in the leg during the encounter and has been admitted to Nalhar Medical College for treatment. The second accused, Saikul, has been apprehended. According to CIA inspector Sandir Mor, several items were recovered from the arrested individuals. These include a desi katta (a locally made firearm), a tramp (which could refer to a trampoline, although the context is unclear), and a bike. The significance of these items in relation to the violence is not provided, leaving room for speculation. In other news, Nuh District Commissioner (DC...

Travel agent cheated ₹ 5.77 lakh in the name of getting Australia visa

A travel agent named Gaurav Joshi, residing in Daba, has been accused of extorting a significant amount of money from a young man under the pretense of assisting him in obtaining an Australian visa. The victim, Gaganpreet Singh, a resident of Suraj Nagar, New Shimlapuri, shared his ordeal, stating that he had approached Gaurav Joshi with the intention of traveling to Australia. The accused, Gaurav Joshi, assured Gaganpreet Singh that he would facilitate the visa process and urged him to make immediate payments. Over time, Gaganpreet Singh handed over a total sum of Rs 5.77 lakh to Gaurav Joshi, expecting the visa to be processed accordingly. However, to his dismay, the promised visa never materialized. As the situation unfolded, Gaganpreet Singh found himself repeatedly ignored by Ga...

28% GST on online gaming from October 1

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In a recent announcement by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, it has been revealed that online gaming will now attract a Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate of 28% starting from October 1. This decision was made during the 51st meeting of the GST Council. The Finance Minister clarified that the 28% GST rate will be applicable to online gaming right from the entry level itself. This means that the tax will be based on the face value of the gaming transactions. It is important to note that this rate will be reviewed after a period of six months to assess its impact and effectiveness. During the meeting, representatives from Delhi, Goa, and Sikkim requested a reconsideration of the decision made on July 11 regarding online gaming taxation. However, the decision to impose a 28% GST rate...