Sunday, December 3

Chandigarh: 109 licenses suspended for drunken driving this year

Chandigarh | Drunk driving is the main reason behind road accidents at night. The traffic police keep putting up nakas for special drunken drives. In view of the same, from January 1 to May 31, a total of 753 drivers were found drunk and driving by the traffic police. Their challans were issued for drunken driving. While 265 vehicles have been seized. In this, the licenses of 109 drivers have been suspended. On Saturday and Sunday night, the traffic police set up special nakas to crack down on drunken drivers. During the checkpoints, the police issued challans to 46 drunken drivers. Apart from this, 7 vehicles were also impounded. DSP Traffic told that the nakas of special drunken drive are being set up continuously.

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