Chandigarh: After the holidays, work will start in the District Court from July 1

The District Court is scheduled to resume functioning from July 1, although due to one of the dates falling on a Saturday, full workload will commence from July 3. Currently, the court is on summer vacation, which will end on June 30. During this time, the Civil Court was closed for a holiday from June 1, while hearings continued in the Magistrate Courts until June 15. As a result of the holidays, many court cases have been given dates in July and August.
The backlog of pending cases in the Chandigarh Court is a matter of concern, with over 82,000 cases currently pending, of which approximately 59,000 are criminal cases. It is important for the court to prioritize cases based on their urgency and ensure that they are heard in a timely manner. The upcoming months of July and August are expected to see several significant cases being heard in the court.

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