Coldplay’s Chris Martin Surprises Fans with BTS Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ at Bangkok Concert

Coldplay, the iconic British rock band, continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their 2023–2024 Music of the Spheres World Tour. However, it was their recent concert in Bangkok that left fans in awe when the band’s lead singer, Chris Martin, seamlessly incorporated a rendition of BTS Jin’s popular track, ‘The Astronaut’, into their performance of ‘Fix You’.

Chris Martin pays tribute to Jin and BTS

Coldplay’s admiration for the globally renowned boy band BTS is no secret. In a heartwarming moment during their concert in Bangkok, Chris Martin surprised fans by performing ‘The Astronaut’ and took the opportunity to express gratitude towards BTS and their devoted fanbase, known as the Army. He acknowledged the impact of BTS on Coldplay’s journey and conveyed his fondness for Jin, who is currently serving in the military. Chris openly expressed his longing for Jin and BTS, emphasizing the meaningful connection they share.

Chris Martin’s admiration for Jin

Chris Martin’s appreciation for Jin goes beyond just their musical talents. He has openly praised Jin’s approach to life and the inspiration he draws from Jin’s decisive and unconventional choices. Martin’s admiration for Jin’s courage and authenticity has resonated with fans, showcasing the deep respect and affection Coldplay holds for BTS and its members.


The collaboration and mutual appreciation between Coldplay and BTS continues to unite music enthusiasts globally. With Chris Martin’s touching tribute to Jin and the surprise rendition of ‘The Astronaut’, the bond between the two music powerhouses only grows stronger, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future collaborations and heartfelt moments.


1. Will Coldplay and BTS collaborate on more projects in the future?

While nothing has been officially confirmed, the warm camaraderie and mutual respect between Coldplay and BTS hint at the potential for future collaborations or joint endeavors.

2. How did the audience react to Chris Martin’s performance of ‘The Astronaut’?

The audience at the Bangkok concert was reportedly moved and deeply appreciative of Chris Martin’s homage to Jin and BTS. The surprise performance left fans in awe and garnered widespread praise across social media platforms.

3. How has Coldplay’s tribute to Jin and BTS impacted their relationship with BTS and the Army?

Coldplay’s heartfelt tribute and ongoing expressions of gratitude have strengthened the bond between both musical acts and their respective fan communities. This shared admiration continues to foster a sense of unity and mutual respect in the music industry.

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