Corey Taylor Cancels Solo Tour: Prioritizing Health and Well-being

Corey Taylor, the lead singer of Slipknot, recently made the difficult decision to cancel the North American leg of his solo tour, CMFT2, due to challenges in his mental and physical health. In a heartfelt statement posted on Instagram, Taylor emphasized the importance of prioritizing his well-being and spending time with his family.

Why Did Corey Taylor Cancel His Solo Tour?

Corey Taylor cited personal struggles with mental and physical health as the driving force behind the cancellation of his solo tour. In his statement, he acknowledged reaching a point of unhealthiness and emphasized the need to step back and focus on his health. Despite understanding the potential disappointment that fans may feel, Taylor underscored the necessity of prioritizing self-care over the demands of a rigorous tour schedule. He also assured those who had purchased tickets and VIP packages for the canceled shows that they would receive full refunds through the ticketing platform, TicketMaster.

Taylor’s decision shines a light on the importance of mental and physical well-being, serving as a reminder that even individuals in the spotlight face personal challenges and must prioritize self-care.

Who is Corey Taylor?

Corey Taylor is a multi-talented American musician, singer, songwriter, author, and actor. He is widely recognized as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Slipknot, known by his designation #8. Taylor is also the frontman, guitarist, and lyricist for the rock band Stone Sour, which he co-founded in 1992. In addition to his work with Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Taylor has collaborated with various musical acts and embarked on a successful solo career.

Despite personal challenges, including struggles with alcoholism and mental health issues, Taylor remains a resilient figure in the music industry. His openness about his struggles serves as an example of courage and resilience, and his decision to prioritize his well-being further emphasizes the importance of self-care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Corey Taylor’s Tour Cancellation

What are the new tour dates for Slipknot in 2024?

Corey Taylor is set to continue performing with Slipknot in 2024 during their European arena tour, which begins on December 5 in Amsterdam.

How can fans receive refunds for the canceled solo tour?

Fans who purchased tickets and VIP packages for the canceled shows will receive full refunds through the ticketing platform, TicketMaster.

What themes does Corey Taylor’s latest solo album, CMFT2, explore?

CMFT2, Taylor’s latest solo album, explores themes of post-traumatic stress disorder, reflecting the artist’s personal journey and struggles.


Corey Taylor’s decision to cancel his solo tour serves as a poignant reminder that prioritizing mental and physical well-being is crucial, even in the midst of professional commitments. His openness about personal struggles and resilience in the face of challenges continues to resonate with fans and reinforces the importance of self-care for everyone.

It is essential to support and prioritize individuals’ well-being, including those in the public eye, and Taylor’s decision sets an example of courage and self-awareness that is commendable.

As fans eagerly await Taylor’s return to the stage with Slipknot in 2024, his commitment to his health and family sends a powerful message to prioritize self-care in the face of life’s challenges.

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