Did Prabhas add extra ‘s’ to his name? ‘The Raja Saab’ 1st look spills the beans

✍️Prabhas Stuns Fans with Altered Name in ‘The Raja Saab’ First Look Poster✍️

On the festive occasion of Pongal and Makar Sankranti, the makers of the upcoming film ‘The Raja Saab’ unveiled the first look poster, leaving fans surprised and intrigued. The poster not only showcased Prabhas in a joyful avatar but also revealed an unexpected alteration in his name, spelling it as ‘Prabhass’ instead of the conventional ‘Prabhas’. This change has sparked curiosity and raised questions about the reason behind it.

The movie, described as a horror-comedy, features Prabhas in the lead role and is directed by the renowned Maruthi. The film is produced by TG Vishwa Prasad with co-production by Vivek Kuchibotla and is set to be released in multiple languages including Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. Notably, Thaman S is composing the music for the film.

While the specific plot details remain undisclosed, there are speculations that Prabhas might be seen in a dual role in the movie. Director Maruthi Dasari had previously mentioned that Prabhas is dedicated to delivering a major hit for his fans, suggesting that the audience can expect something exceptional from ‘The Raja Saab’.

In addition to ‘The Raja Saab’, Prabhas is concurrently working on two other highly anticipated projects, ‘Salaar’ and ‘Project K’. The director commended Prabhas for his unwavering commitment to his craft, emphasizing his dedication to delivering his best to his fans.

The alteration in Prabhas’ name has ignited various discussions among fans and the media, with theories speculating whether it was intentional for numerological reasons or possibly a typographical oversight.

The intriguing first look and the altered name have left fans eagerly awaiting further updates and the release of ‘The Raja Saab’.


✍️1. Why did Prabhas change the spelling of his name to ‘Prabhass’?✍️
It is currently unclear why the spelling of Prabhas’ name was altered in the first look poster of ‘The Raja Saab’. Speculations suggest it could be a result of numerological beliefs or a deliberate creative choice.

✍️2. Is ‘The Raja Saab’ a horror-comedy film?✍️
Yes, ‘The Raja Saab’ is described as a horror-comedy and features Prabhas in the lead role.

✍️3. When is ‘The Raja Saab’ scheduled for release?✍️
The film is set to be released in multiple languages, including Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, and further details about the release date are awaited.

✍️4. Is Prabhas working on any other projects concurrently?✍️
Apart from ‘The Raja Saab’, Prabhas is simultaneously working on ‘Salaar’ and ‘Project K’.


The unexpected alteration in Prabhas’ name has added an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to the highly awaited film ‘The Raja Saab’. With the first look poster generating significant attention and discussions, fans are eagerly anticipating further updates and the eventual release of the movie. As Prabhas continues to enthrall audiences with his versatility and commitment to his craft, ‘The Raja Saab’ is poised to be another remarkable addition to his repertoire.

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