Did Sania Mirza divorce Shoaib Malik before his wedding? Mirza’s father breaks silence, details inside

✍️Sania Mirza breaks silence on her divorce with Shoaib Malik; details revealed by Mirza’s father✍️

Sania Mirza has been making headlines this week due to her cryptic social media post which led to speculation about her relationship with her husband, cricketer Shoaib Malik. These speculations were further fueled by Shoaib’s announcement of his wedding with Pakistani actor Sana Javed, leaving fans shocked and curious about the status of Sania and Shoaib’s relationship. Fans wondered whether Sania and Shoaib were already divorced, and there were rumors circulating about differences between the couple. Sania’s father, Imran Mirza, has now clarified the situation, shedding light on the nature of their separation.

Imran Mirza confirmed that Sania Mirza had obtained a ‘khula’, which denotes the right of a Muslim woman to unilaterally divorce her husband. This revelation provides clarity on the marital status of Sania and Shoaib, and it is now understood that they are no longer together. Shoaib and Sania had tied the knot in 2010 and have a five-year-old son, Izhaan, who resides with Sania.

Shoaib Malik’s new bride, Sana Javed, is a well-known figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, having appeared in numerous TV shows and films. She was previously married to singer Umair Jaiswal and has recently undergone a divorce.

The developments in Sania and Shoaib’s personal lives have captured the attention of many, and it remains to be seen how their individual journeys unfold in the future.


✍️1. What is a ‘khula’ in Islam?✍️

‘Khula’ refers to the right of a Muslim woman to unilaterally seek a divorce from her husband. It provides women with the ability to end their marriage under specific conditions, as outlined in Islamic law.

✍️2. How long were Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik married?✍️

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik were married in 2010, making their marriage of approximately 12 years.

✍️3. Who is Sana Javed?✍️

Sana Javed is a popular Pakistani TV actor who has also ventured into the film industry. She gained prominence through her appearances in various television shows and movies.


The confirmation of Sania Mirza’s ‘khula’ from Shoaib Malik, by her father Imran Mirza, has put to rest the speculation about the status of their relationship. The news of Shoaib’s recent marriage to Sana Javed has also garnered significant attention. As the public remains interested in the unfolding personal lives of these public figures, it is evident that the developments will continue to be closely monitored.

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