Emanuel Wilson Injury Update, What Happened to Emanuel Wilson? Will Emanuel Wilson Play in Week 18?

Emanuel Wilson Injury Update

Emanuel Dashae Wilson, recovering from a shoulder injury, participated fully in a recent practice walkthrough, indicating progress. Though designated to return from injured reserve on December 20, he hasn’t been activated yet. Having completed three full practices last week, he started Week 18 preparations estimated as fully participating. While showing signs of improved health, even if activated for the Week 18 game against Chicago, Wilson might play a limited role. The Packers aim to secure a postseason spot with a win, emphasizing caution with Wilson’s involvement.

Who is Emanuel Wilson?

Emanuel Dashae Wilson, born on August 5, 1999, is an American football running back in the National Football League (NFL) for the Green Bay Packers. Despite going undrafted, he began his NFL journey in 2023 when the Denver Broncos signed him as an undrafted free agent. Wilson honed his skills playing college football at Johnson C. Smith and Fort Valley State.

His position as a running back highlights his prowess in carrying the ball and contributing to his team’s offensive strategies. Known for his athleticism and determination, Wilson has become a notable figure in professional football, showcasing his talent on the field. As a valuable asset to the Green Bay Packers, Emanuel Dashae Wilson continues to make a name for himself in the competitive world of the NFL.

Full Name Emanuel Dashae Wilson
Born May 8, 1999 (age 24)
Birthplace Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight 226 lb (103 kg)


Emanuel Wilson Career

Emanuel Dashae Wilson embarked on his football journey at Johnson C. Smith University, playing for the Golden Bulls and making his debut in 2019 after redshirting in 2018. His college career continued at Fort Valley State University from 2020 to 2022. Although undrafted in the 2023 NFL Draft, Wilson signed with the Denver Broncos in May 2023.

Despite a brief stint, he found a home with the Green Bay Packers later that month, earning a spot on the 53-man roster with an impressive preseason. Wilson’s NFL debut occurred on September 17, 2023, against the Atlanta Falcons, marking the start of his professional career. Unfortunately, he faced an obstacle, landing on injured reserve on November 22, 2023. Emanuel Wilson’s journey showcases resilience and determination in pursuing his passion for football at both the collegiate and professional levels.

Emanuel Wilson Age

Emanuel Dashae Wilson, born on May 8, 1999, is currently 24 years old. The athlete hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. At this age, Wilson has already made a mark in American football, showcasing his talent as a running back for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. His age signifies the early stages of what promises to be a promising career, with fans and enthusiasts keeping an eye on his achievements and contributions to the sport.

Will Emanuel Wilson Play in Week 18?

The status of Emanuel Dashae Wilson playing in Week 18 remains uncertain. Although designated to return from injured reserve on December 20, he has yet to be activated. Wilson showed promise by completing three full practices last week and participating in Week 18 preparations with an estimated full involvement, suggesting improved health. However, even if activated for the pivotal game against Chicago, it is anticipated that he will play a minimal role. The outcome depends on several factors, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding Wilson’s active participation in the crucial Week 18 matchup.

What Happened to Emanuel Wilson?

Emanuel Dashae Wilson encountered challenges with an undisclosed shoulder injury, resulting in his placement on injured reserve. Details regarding the nature and extent of his injury remain unclear, fostering anticipation among fans and analysts about his potential contribution to the Green Bay Packers’ postseason aspirations. The uncertainty surrounding Wilson’s readiness adds intrigue to the team’s playoff journey, as supporters eagerly await updates on his recovery and potential role in pivotal matchups.


1. Is Emanuel Wilson currently playing for the Green Bay Packers?

Emanuel Wilson is recovering from an injury and is yet to be activated for play in Week 18. Although making progress, his active participation remains uncertain.

2. When did Emanuel Wilson’s NFL career begin?

Emanuel Wilson’s NFL journey started in 2023 when he signed with the Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent.

3. Where did Emanuel Wilson play college football?

Emanuel Wilson played college football at Johnson C. Smith University and Fort Valley State University.

4. What is the status of Emanuel Wilson’s recovery from his shoulder injury?

Emanuel Wilson has shown progress in his recovery from a shoulder injury, participating in recent practice activities, but the extent of his involvement in the upcoming game remains uncertain.


Emanuel Dashae Wilson’s journey in the NFL has been marked by resilience and determination, from his college career to his professional debut with the Green Bay Packers. While facing the challenge of recovering from a shoulder injury, his potential return for the crucial Week 18 game against Chicago poses interesting scenarios for the team and fans alike. As the uncertainty lingers, Wilson’s progress and potential impact on the postseason aspirations of the Green Bay Packers remain a focal point, eagerly anticipated by supporters.

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