Galaxy S24 Series Sets New Pre-Booking Record with Over 250,000 Orders in India in Three Days

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S24 series has made a remarkable impression by garnering 250,000 pre-bookings in just three days. The achievement not only surpasses its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 series, which took three weeks to reach the same pre-booking total in India, but it also positions the Galaxy S24 series as the most successful S series in the country. The new series brings forth significant advancements in technology and features, drawing an overwhelming response from Indian consumers.

Senior Vice President of MX Business at Samsung India Raju Pullan expressed gratitude towards Indian customers for their exceptional response. Pullan emphasized that the Galaxy S24 series, powered by Galaxy AI, represents a transformative era in the mobile revolution, enabling users to control AI and remove communication barriers while enhancing creativity and productivity.

Key Features of the Galaxy S24 Series:

– Communication Revolution: The ‘Made in India’ Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 models introduce a range of communication enhancements, such as a live translator, interpreter, chat assistant, note assistant, and transcript assistant. The Samsung Keyboard, equipped with impressive AI, provides real-time translation in multiple languages, including Hindi. Additionally, features like Android Auto assist in summarizing messages and recommending responses.

– Circle to Search: The introduction of Circle to Search, a gesture-driven feature developed in collaboration with Google, represents a significant leap in search capabilities. Users can interact with the screen using gestures like circling, highlighting, scribbling, or tapping to access high-quality search results and AI-powered overviews for specific inquiries.

– ProVisual Engine: The Galaxy S24 series enhances picture-taking with its ProVisual Engine, featuring a Quad Tele System with a new 5x optical zoom lens, improved lithography capabilities for sharp images in various lighting conditions, and AI editing features for photo enhancements.

– Performance and Security: The Galaxy S24 Ultra is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, offering enhanced NPU efficiency for AI processing. It also boasts durability features such as a titanium frame, support for QHD+ display, and Samsung Knox security measures.

Cost and Availability:

– Galaxy S24: Starting from INR 79,999
– Galaxy S24+: Starting from INR 99,999
– Galaxy S24 Ultra: Starting from INR 129,999

Pre-Booking Offers:

– Clients reserving a Galaxy S24 Ultra or Galaxy S24+ in advance will receive rewards totaling INR 22,000, while pre-booking Galaxy S24 customers will receive bonuses totaling INR 15,000.

The Galaxy S24 series demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to long-term product reliability, user data control, and innovation.

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➤# FAQs

1. ✍️What are the key enhancements in the Galaxy S24 series for communication?✍️
The Galaxy S24 series introduces various communication features, including a live translator, interpreter, chat assistant, note assistant, transcript assistant, and real-time translation in multiple languages through the Samsung Keyboard.

2. ✍️What is the pricing and availability of the Galaxy S24 series?✍️
The Galaxy S24 series is available at different price points starting from INR 79,999 for the Galaxy S24, INR 99,999 for the Galaxy S24+, and INR 129,999 for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

3. ✍️What pre-booking offers are available for the Galaxy S24 series?✍️
Clients reserving a Galaxy S24 Ultra or Galaxy S24+ in advance will receive rewards totaling INR 22,000, while pre-booking Galaxy S24 customers will receive bonuses totaling INR 15,000.

➤# Conclusion

The overwhelming response to the Galaxy S24 series in India reflects the significant advancements and innovations introduced by Samsung. The series not only represents a new era in the mobile revolution with its AI capabilities but also reflects Samsung’s commitment to providing reliable and innovative products to its users. The strong pre-booking numbers underscore the popularity and demand for the Galaxy S24 series in the Indian market.

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