Google Rolls Out New Features to Android Auto and Cars with the Google Built-In System 

At CES 2024, Google unveiled a host of new features and updates for Android Auto and cars embedded with Google’s built-in system. This move underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing the driving experience, offering safety, connectivity, and entertainment. The updates are set to be rolled out to selected cars initially, with plans to expand to more vehicles in the near future.

Real-Time Battery Status Integration in Google Maps

One of the key highlights is the integration between electric cars with Android Auto support and Google Maps, enabling real-time sharing of battery information. Initially, this feature will be available for Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, with expansion to other eligible cars in the pipeline. This integration empowers electric vehicle users to access accurate battery status and receive charging stop suggestions and estimated charging times based on their EV, aiding in seamless trip planning.

Seamless Trip Planning for Cars with Google Built-In

Google has introduced a new trip planning feature for cars integrated with Google’s built-in system. It allows users to seamlessly share their planned trips on Google Maps, easing the transition from planning to navigation.

Enhanced Connectivity and Entertainment

In addition to trip planning, Google has enriched the experience for cars with Google built-in by incorporating features to enhance connectivity and entertainment. Users of cars like Polestar and Volvo can now access the Google Chrome Browser, with plans to involve more cars by the year’s end. Furthermore, Google has responded to user demand by adding the Weather Channel app to cars with Google built-in, delivering real-time weather updates and forecasts directly on the car’s dashboard.

Upcoming Developments

As part of its ongoing efforts to collaborate with more automotive brands, Google has already begun expanding other functionalities, including the availability of digital car keys. This capability, currently available in Volvo cars, will be extended to more phones and cars in the near future. The digital car key feature enables users to unlock, lock, and start their cars using supported Android phones, while also securely sharing digital keys with family and friends on their Android or iOS devices.


What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a mobile app developed by Google that allows users to mirror features from their Android device to a car’s dashboard infotainment system.

Which cars are eligible for the new Google Maps features?

The real-time battery information and trip planning features are initially available for electric cars with Android Auto support, starting with Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, with plans to include other eligible cars in the future.

When will the new features be available for more cars?

Google has stated that the new features will be rolled out to selected cars initially and will be expanded to more cars over the coming future.


Google’s unveiling of new features and updates for Android Auto and cars integrated with the Google built-in system at CES 2024 demonstrates the tech giant’s dedication to enhancing the driving experience. With a focus on real-time battery information, trip planning, enhanced connectivity, and upcoming digital car key capabilities, Google is poised to secure a prominent position in the automotive tech landscape, providing users with innovative and convenient features for their driving needs.

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