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Happy Birthday Kohli: Can you find the famous cricketer name “VIRAT” in 8 seconds

Virat Kohli, the celebrated cricketer, is a name that resonates with cricket enthusiasts worldwide. As a tribute to the iconic sportsman on his birthday, we’ve prepared a brain teaser challenge that adds a fun twist to the celebration. Can you find the famous cricketer’s name, “VIRAT,” hidden in a grid within just 8 seconds?

The task at hand is simple yet requires a keen eye and a swift reaction time. Below, you’ll find a grid that appears at first glance to be an assortment of random letters and numbers. However, concealed within this grid is the name “VIRAT.” Your mission is to locate these letters in just five seconds.
Begin your search by focusing your attention on each row, as the challenge specifies that the solution is located in the 16th row. It’s essential to keep a close eye on the grid and quickly identify the letters “V,” “I,” “R,” “A,” and “T.” As you know, time is of the essence, and you have only five seconds to accomplish this task.

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Your have 8 seconds to find the famous cricketer name “VIRAT”

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Stop! Time”s up

If you have found the cricketer name “Virat” then congratulations to you and if you are still
looking for it then check its answer given below:

Answer to the Challenge

If you’ve successfully spotted the name “VIRAT” within the 16th row, congratulations! You’ve conquered the challenge in the allotted time and found the famous cricketer’s name amidst the intricate grid.

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