How To Get Giant Gauntlet In Clash Of Clans (COC)? Complete Guide

The December 2023 update for Clash of Clans introduced several new changes to the game, one of which is the ability to change hero equipment. The Giant Gauntlet is the initial hero equipment that players can unlock for the Barbarian King. This guide provides a complete overview of the Giant Gauntlet and how to unlock it in COC.

What Is The Giant Gauntlet In COC?

The Giant Gauntlet in COC is an epic hero equipment specifically designed for the Barbarian King. It enhances the hero’s abilities by increasing his size, allowing him to deal area damage, reduce incoming damage, provide self-healing, and deal additional damage per second. When activated, it lasts for 12 seconds and reduces incoming damage by 15%.

How To Unlock It?

To unlock the Giant Gauntlet, players can participate in the ongoing Cookie Rumble event, which is available until January 3, 2024. The Giant Gauntlet can be obtained from the trader in COC for 3,100 Cookie Medals. Once acquired, players can further upgrade it and other hero abilities using the new Blacksmith building.

Players can earn Cookie Medals by collecting Sweet Elixir from the Gingerbread Bakery or raiding enemy bases. Additionally, purchasing the Event Pass during the Cookie Rumble event can provide more Cookie Medals. By completing all the events in the pass, players can claim up to 8,100 Cookie Medals, allowing them to obtain the Giant Gauntlet and the Gingerbread King skin from the trader in COC.


Can the Giant Gauntlet be used for other heroes in COC?

No, the Giant Gauntlet is specifically designed for the Barbarian King and cannot be used for other heroes in Clash of Clans.

Is the Giant Gauntlet a permanent upgrade?

Yes, once unlocked, the Giant Gauntlet becomes a permanent addition to the Barbarian King’s equipment options, and it can be further upgraded using the Blacksmith building.


The addition of the Giant Gauntlet in Clash of Clans brings an exciting new feature for players to enhance their Barbarian King’s abilities. By participating in the Cookie Rumble event and collecting Cookie Medals, players can unlock and upgrade the Giant Gauntlet, providing additional strategic options in battles and raids within the game.

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