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How to Setup Google Smart Lock on your Android device?

Google Smart Lock is a useful feature that allows users to keep their Android devices unlocked in certain situations, eliminating the need to enter a passcode every time they pick up their phone. There are different features within Google Smart Lock that provide control over when and where the device needs to be unlocked. One of the features is On-body Detection, which keeps the device unlocked while it’s in motion, such as when the user is walking. The phone remains unlocked for up to 4 hours or until it’s put down. This feature provides convenience for users who frequently use their phones while on the move.
Another feature is the ability to add Trusted Devices. When the device is connected to a trusted device, like a Bluetooth watch or a car system, it remains unlocked without requiring a password. This is convenient for users who want their phone to stay unlocked when connected to specific devices. Users can also add Trusted Places, which allows the device to stay unlocked when they are at or near a trusted location. The device remains unlocked for up to 4 hours or until the user leaves the trusted place. This feature utilizes the device’s location for accuracy.
There are advantages and disadvantages to using Google Smart Lock. On the positive side, it allows users to quickly configure their phone and share passwords across devices. It also simplifies the process of accessing the phone without having to enter a screen lock, and it can save passwords for websites and applications.
However, there are security risks associated with this feature. While it’s safe to set your home as a trusted location, features like on-body detection and trusted devices can potentially allow others to gain access to your device if they have physical access to it.

To set up Google Smart Lock on Android devices, including Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Vivo, and Xiaomi devices, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.
2. In the search bar at the top of the Settings menu, type “Smart Lock”.
3. Tap on the “Smart Lock” option that appears in the search results.
4. You will be prompted to enter your phone’s password or other lock type, such as a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.
5. After entering your password, you will have the option to choose between three Smart Lock features: On-body detection, Trusted places, or Trusted devices.
6. Select the feature you prefer and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.
That’s it! You have successfully set up Google Smart Lock on your Android device. Remember to use this feature responsibly and consider the security implications of keeping your device unlocked in certain situations.

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