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If you have High IQ then spot which prisoner is planning to escape in 10 seconds

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is often considered a valuable asset in various aspects of life. From solving complex problems to making informed decisions, high IQ individuals tend to excel in critical thinking. But can a high IQ also be used to identify a potential escapee in a group of prisoners? In a challenging scenario, where there are three prisoners, one of whom is plotting to escape, your high IQ might just give you an edge. In this article, we’ll discuss a clever puzzle that tests your observation skills and analytical thinking, and we’ll provide the answer to help you spot the potential escapee.

Imagine you are in charge of a maximum-security prison, and you’ve received information that one of the inmates is planning to escape. Your task is to identify the prisoner who is plotting to break free, and you have just 10 seconds to do so. In front of you, there are three prisoners. You need to rely on your high IQ and powers of observation to solve this puzzle.

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Are you ready for this challenge?

Look at the image carefully as you have only 10 seconds.

Hurry up! Clock is Ticking..

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TikTok 2

TikTok 3

Stop! Time’s up..

Have you found the solution to this challenge? If yes then congratulations to you.

If you are still searching for it then check its answer below..

The Solution to the challenge

As the clock starts ticking, you quickly scan the three prisoners. You might be tempted to look for any obvious signs of an escape plan – perhaps a hidden tool, rope, or keys. However, the clever twist in this puzzle is that the answer lies in the most unexpected place – the birthday cake!

Yes, that’s right. To spot the potential escapee, you should focus your attention on the birthday cake in the room. It’s not about the prisoners themselves but about the cake’s details. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice something unusual among the candles on the cake – a nail file.

Why the nail file, you ask? Nail files are often used by prisoners to remove or weaken restraints. In this case, the nail file is a subtle clue that hints at the escape plan. It’s a small but essential tool that the potential escapee likely intends to use to break free from jail. In addition to the nail file, you might notice something else – the demeanor of the prisoners. While the other two prisoners seem relatively indifferent, the one on the left, dressed in a dark suit, appears to be more focused and intense. This slight change in behavior could be an indicator of a hidden agenda.

To confirm your suspicion, you can always question the prisoner with the nail file, and it’s likely that they will reveal their intentions. However, given the time constraint of 10 seconds, relying on your high IQ and acute observation skills to spot the nail file is the quickest and most effective way to solve the puzzle.

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