Tuesday, September 26

Information about drone flying over PM’s residence, Delhi Police engaged in investigation

At 5:30 am on Monday morning, the Special Protection Group (SPG) informed the Delhi Police that a drone had been spotted flying above Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence on Lok Kalyan Marg. Given that the Prime Minister’s residence and its surrounding area are designated as a No Flying Zone, officials and security forces immediately launched an investigation.
Despite a thorough search of the surrounding areas, no such object was found. The Air Traffic Control Room (ATC) was also contacted, but they were unable to detect any flying objects over the PM’s residence. New Delhi’s Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Hemant Tiwari, confirmed that an investigation is currently underway. The use of drones in restricted areas is strictly prohibited, and any violation of this rule will be dealt with severely. The safety and security of the Prime Minister and his residence are of utmost importance, and all necessary measures are being taken to ensure their protection.

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