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The International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA) is a non-profit organization that works to promote harm reduction policies and practices around the world. IHRA’s mission is to reduce the harms associated with drug use and drug policies, and to promote the human rights of people who use drugs.

News: IHRA provides news on harm reduction policies and practices from around the world. Their news section covers a range of topics, including drug policy reform, harm reduction interventions, and drug-related health issues.

IHRA.NET is a general news blog for the Latest Tech News, Trending News, Entertainment and other related content . Information shared on this portal is for reference purposes only. Our site isn’t associated with any Government organisation or this site is not related to IHRA (International Harm Reduction Association). You can visit the official website of IHRA (International Harm Reduction Association) from the below-given link:

What is Harm Reduction: IHRA provides information on harm reduction strategies and interventions that can help reduce the negative consequences of drug use. Their harm reduction section includes information on needle exchange programs, opioid substitution therapy, drug checking, and overdose prevention.

Vacancies: IHRA provides information on job vacancies within the organization and other harm reduction-related organizations around the world. Their vacancies section lists job openings for harm reduction advocates, researchers, and other professionals.

Strategic Plan: IHRA’s Strategic Plan outlines the organization’s goals and objectives for the coming years. The plan includes a focus on advocacy and policy reform, research and knowledge exchange, capacity building, and partnerships and networking.

Official Website: IHRA’s official website provides information on the organization’s mission, history, and activities. The website includes resources for harm reduction advocates, researchers, and policymakers, as well as information on IHRA’s events and initiatives. The website also provides information on how to become a member of IHRA and support their work. – official website