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Brain IQ Test: Find the odd one number from the image in 8 seconds

IQ tests are a popular way to assess a person’s cognitive abilities, including logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and problem-solving skills. These tests come in various forms, and one intriguing variation challenges your ability to find the odd number within a set of numbers displayed in rows. In this article, we will explore an example of such a test, where you must quickly identify the odd number hidden in a set of repeating numbers.

The “Odd-One-Out” challenge is an engaging exercise that puts your cognitive skills to the test. It typically involves a grid or series of numbers, where one number stands out as being different from the rest. Your goal is to spot this unique number in a very short time frame, usually just 8 seconds.

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How to Play

To play this game, you are presented with a sequence of numbers arranged in rows. 

Among these numbers, one will be intentionally different from the others. 

Your task is to quickly identify the number that doesn’t fit and do so within the time constraint of just 8 seconds.

Have you found the Odd one number?

If Yes, then congratulations to you and you are the winner to this challenge.

If you are still searching for the odd one number then don’t be disappointed. Check its solution in the image

Answer to the IQ Test

In the example provided, the challenge is to find the odd number “8” among a set of numbers within the 14th row.

To solve this challenge, you must quickly scan the numbers and identify the one that doesn’t belong. In this case, the number 8 stands out because it’s significantly different from the others. If you can spot this number within the 8-second time limit, you have successfully completed the challenge.

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