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Brain IQ Test: If You are Genius Then Find the Correct Shadow of Animal From The Picture in 11 Seconds

Sharpen your focus and test your visual acuity with this brain-teaser puzzle! In the image above, a donkey and a goat stand amidst nine different shadows.

Your task? Identify the correct shadow for these animals in just 11 seconds.

Take a close look at the picture provided. Every second counts, so stay alert! Your countdown starts—now!

As you study the image, keep your mind sharp and analyze the details. The clock is ticking, so let your intuition guide you!

Time's Up! How Did You Do?

Did you manage to match the donkey and the goat to their rightful shadows in the given time frame? If you succeeded, congratulations! Your keen observation skills and quick thinking paid off. For those who found the correct shadow, well done! Your ability to spot patterns and details swiftly showcases a sharp mind.

For Those Who Missed It…

Didn’t quite catch the right shadow in time? Not to worry! Sometimes, these visual puzzles can be tricky. Let’s unveil the solution below:

Answer to The IQ Test

The highlighted shadow represents the correct silhouette for the animals. Did it match your selection? Take note of the pattern and details that helped identify the accurate shadow.

Source: JagranJosh


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