Is Ben McDermott Related to Craig McDermott? How is Ben McDermott Related to Craig McDermott?

# Is Ben McDermott Related to Craig McDermott? A Look at Their Cricket Connections

Ben McDermott, the Australian cricketer, is indeed related to Craig McDermott, the former Australian fast bowler, and their familial ties run deep in the realm of cricket. Ben is the son of Craig McDermott and the brother of Alister McDermott, who also has made a name for himself in the cricket world. Let’s delve into the details of this cricketing lineage.

➤ Ben McDermott: A Rising Star in Australian Cricket

Born on December 12, 1994, Ben McDermott is a talented right-handed batsman who also occasionally takes on the role of wicketkeeper. He has been making significant contributions to Australian cricket, representing the Hobart Hurricanes in the Big Bash League and Queensland in domestic cricket. In 2018, McDermott made his debut for the Australian national team, a noteworthy milestone in his burgeoning career.

➤# Career Highlights:
– ✍️Teams:✍️ Hobart Hurricanes (Big Bash League), Queensland (Domestic Cricket), Hampshire Hawks (Vitality Blast in 2022)
– ✍️Playing Role:✍️ Right-handed batsman, part-time wicketkeeper
– ✍️International Debut:✍️ October 2018 (Australia)

Unlike his father and brother, Ben doesn’t bowl. His dedication to honing his batting skills has earned him recognition in the cricketing world, and his potential for further growth in the sport is eagerly anticipated.

➤ Craig McDermott: A Stalwart of Australian Cricket

Craig McDermott, a former Australian cricketer, was a prominent figure in the cricketing arena, known for his prowess as a right-arm fast bowler. His international career, which began in 1984, saw him become a pivotal member of the Australian cricket team in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

➤# Career Highlights:
– ✍️International Debut:✍️ 1984
– ✍️Notable Achievements:✍️ Played a significant role in Australia’s success in Test and ODI cricket
– ✍️Post-Playing Career:✍️ Involved in coaching and cricket-related activities

Following his retirement from international cricket, Craig McDermott continued his involvement in the sport through coaching and other cricket-related pursuits.


➤# Are Ben McDermott and Craig McDermott related?
Yes, Ben McDermott is the son of Craig McDermott, the former Australian fast bowler.

➤# Does Ben McDermott’s brother also play cricket?
Yes, Ben’s brother, Alister McDermott, is a state paceman who has also made his mark in the cricket world.

➤# What is Ben McDermott’s playing role in cricket?
Ben McDermott is a right-handed batsman and occasionally serves as a wicketkeeper.

➤ Conclusion

The connection between Ben McDermott and Craig McDermott highlights the enduring legacy of cricket within their family. As Ben continues to make strides in his career and create his own mark in the sport, the influence of his cricketing lineage is evident. For fans and enthusiasts of the game, this lineage serves as a fascinating insight into the intergenerational impact of cricketing prowess.

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