Is Magnum Pi Cancelled? Why Was Magnum Pi Cancelled?

Yes, Magnum P.I. has been canceled, bringing an end to its run after the fifth season. Initially canceled by CBS in May 2022 after four seasons, the show was given a lifeline when NBC picked it up for two additional seasons. However, NBC recently confirmed the cancellation after the second part of season 5, citing the expiration of cast deals on June 30. The Jay Hernandez-led reboot, known for its adventures of private investigator Thomas Magnum in Hawaii, faced declining ratings despite an initially positive reception.

The decision to cancel Magnum P.I. on NBC comes amid a broader industry context, including the ongoing Writers Guild strike. As NBC has passed on various pilots and canceled several shows, the network chose not to extend the cast’s deals and concluded the series with the remaining 10 episodes. This development marks the conclusion of Magnum P.I.’s journey, initially hailed as one of the highest-ranking shows on broadcast television at the time of its CBS cancellation, and subsequently revived and brought to an end by NBC.

Why Was Magnum Pi Cancelled?

Magnum P.I. faced cancellation on NBC due to decisions around the potential sixth season. The network had to negotiate contracts with the cast, presenting three options: renew the show, extend contracts, or bring it to an end. This wasn’t the first time Magnum P.I. faced cancellation; initially axed in May 2022 after Season 4 due to licensing fees, it made a comeback with a Season 5 renewal and a possible Season 6 in July 2022. The fate of the final episodes’ airing schedule remains uncertain, with speculation about a return in winter 2024 despite ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strikes.

FAQs about Magnum P.I. Cancellation

Q: Will there be any continuation or spin-offs of Magnum P.I. after the cancellation?

As of now, there have been no confirmed reports of any continuation or spin-offs of Magnum P.I. after the cancellation. However, it is not unheard of for popular shows to inspire spin-offs or reboots in the future, so fans might still have something to look forward to.

Q: Where can I watch previous episodes of Magnum P.I. if I missed them during their original airing?

Previous episodes of Magnum P.I. may be available for streaming on various platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or CBS All Access. Check these platforms for availability.

Q: What were some of the factors leading to the decline in ratings for Magnum P.I. on NBC?

There can be various factors that contribute to a decline in ratings for a show, including changes in programming, competition from other popular shows, or shifts in audience preferences. It’s important to note that multiple factors can impact a show’s performance, and the declining ratings may not solely be attributed to the quality of the show itself.


The cancellation of Magnum P.I. marks the end of its journey on NBC after initially being rescued for two additional seasons. While the fate of the show’s final episodes remains uncertain amidst industry challenges, audiences can reflect on the adventures of Thomas Magnum in Hawaii, and the impact the show had during its run.

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