Israel: Not only a battleground but also a hub for tech companies and startups

The entire area where Israel is located today was part of the Roman Empire in ancient times. Then it came under the Byzantine Empire, where the Greek language was spoken. In modern times, the Ottoman Empire of Turkey used to be at the place of Israel. After Turkey’s defeat in World War I, this area was occupied by Britain and remained with it till the end of World War II.

During the Second World War itself, after the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis in Germany from 1941, the Jews left Europe and went to the Palestinian territory. The Jews had the open support of Britain, so there was no problem in their settling there. After World War II, in 1945, Britain handed over this area to the United Nations. Meanwhile, the mass migration of Jews to Palestine increased tensions in the region so much that in 1947 the United Nations divided the region into two–one called the Arab States and the other Israel. However, the United Nations kept its control with itself. But the very next year i.e. on 14 May 1948, Israel declared its independence.

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