Wednesday, September 27

I’ve been following a strict diet for years: John Abraham

Work and personal life, discipline has a different importance everywhere. Actor John Abraham, who is famous for his fitness in Hindi cinema, also understands this very well. Regarding this, he says, ‘In the last few years, it has been my constant effort not to break the sequence of my diet and exercise, because discipline only leads a person to success. That shows our dedication towards work. I have been following a strict diet for almost 20 years. From giving up sweets, fried foods, cold drinks, getting proper sleep and regular yoga exercises related to fitness, I try to follow everything regularly.

John is recently associated with Sony Sports channel as the promoter of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) game. Regarding his attachment to sports, Jaan says, ‘I have been very interested in sports since childhood. Sports is such an activity, which not only helps in your fitness but also helps in increasing concentration and energy. My concentration in work has increased because of sports.

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