Jaya Bachchan reveals she never addresses Amitabh Bachchan as ‘tum’, calls ‘bad manners’ big red flag in a relationship 

Jaya Bachchan, in an appearance on her granddaughter Navya Naveli’s podcast, provided some insightful perspectives on relationships and self-love. The veteran actor addressed the significance of respecting boundaries, the role of manners in relationships, and the importance of self-reliance for happiness. She shared her experience of falling in love with Amitabh Bachchan before he attained widespread fame and reputation. Jaya’s reflections shed light on the values and principles that have guided her in her personal life and relationships.

✍️Embracing Respect and Boundaries in Relationships✍️

One of the key insights shared by Jaya Bachchan was the emphasis on respect in relationships. She highlighted that addressing someone using formal language, such as ‘tu’ or ‘tum’, regardless of the individual’s status, reflects a lack of respect. According to her, these nuances require conscious efforts to uphold, and failing to do so can be regarded as a red flag in a relationship. Jaya stressed that without mutual respect, genuine love cannot exist, underscoring the essential role of boundaries in fostering healthy relationships.

✍️Less Expectation, Less Disappointment✍️

Drawing from her personal experiences, Jaya Bachchan reflected on the advice given by her mother-in-law, Teji Bachchan. She expressed the significance of managing expectations and seeking happiness from within rather than relying on others. Jaya’s adherence to the counsel to expect less from others aligns with her philosophy of finding happiness within oneself, rather than seeking it externally. This perspective highlights the importance of self-love and independence in cultivating a fulfilling life.

✍️Insights from ‘What the Hell Navya’ Podcast✍️

‘What the Hell Navya,’ the podcast featuring Jaya Bachchan, Navya Naveli, and Shweta Bachchan, offers a platform for three generations of women to share their perspectives on love, life, and work. The exchange of wisdom, experiences, and values serves as a source of inspiration for listeners, providing valuable insights into navigating relationships and personal growth.


Jaya Bachchan’s candid remarks offer invaluable insights into fostering respectful relationships, managing expectations, and finding happiness within oneself. Her perspectives serve as a reminder of the significance of mutual respect, setting boundaries, and seeking fulfillment from within. The wisdom shared on the ‘What the Hell Navya’ podcast provides a reservoir of knowledge for individuals navigating their own journeys in love, life, and self-discovery.


1. ✍️What did Jaya Bachchan highlight as a red flag in relationships?✍️
Jaya Bachchan emphasized that bad manners and a lack of respect, such as addressing someone using informal language like ‘tu’ or ‘tum,’ are significant red flags in a relationship.

2. ✍️What advice did Jaya Bachchan recall from her mother-in-law?✍️
Jaya Bachchan recalled her mother-in-law’s advice to expect less from people to minimize disappointment in life. She underscored the importance of finding happiness from within, independent of external sources.

3. ✍️What is the theme of the ‘What the Hell Navya’ podcast?✍️
‘What the Hell Navya’ is a talk show that features insightful discussions on love, life, and work, bringing together three generations of women to share their perspectives and experiences.

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