Joe Milton Opts Out of Citrus Bowl: Why and What’s Next

The decision by Joe Milton, the Tennessee Volunteers quarterback, to forgo participation in the Citrus Bowl against Iowa sparked curiosity and discussion. Let’s delve into what prompted this choice and what lies ahead for Joe Milton as he focuses on his pursuit of a professional football career.

What Happened to Joe Milton?

As the Tennessee Volunteers quarterback, Joe Milton made the decision not to play in the Citrus Bowl against Iowa. Despite leading the team to an 8-4 season, he chose to direct his attention to preparing for the 2024 NFL Draft. Milton, a fifth-year senior, expressed gratitude to the Vol Nation for their support and announced his departure via social media. Although he opted out of the game, he remained an active and supportive presence with the team during the bowl preparation. His college career saw him transfer from Michigan to Tennessee in pursuit of a starting role, which he secured in the 2023 season. During this season, Milton passed for 2,813 yards and 20 touchdowns, displaying his prowess on the field. His decision to opt out of the bowl game stemmed from his desire to avoid any potential injury that could impact his NFL draft prospects.

Who is Joe Milton?

Joe Milton is a talented quarterback who made a significant impact during his tenure at Tennessee. He initially began his college football career at Michigan and later transferred to Tennessee, where he emerged as the team’s starting quarterback in the 2023 season. Known for his strong throwing arm and improvements in gameplay, Milton’s contributions were instrumental in leading the Volunteers to an 8-4 record. His decision to opt out of the Citrus Bowl reflects his dedication to pursuing a professional football career in the NFL. Milton’s transition from a backup quarterback at Michigan to a prominent figure leading the Volunteers speaks to his determination and skill set.

Why Did Joe Milton Opt Out?

Joe Milton chose to skip the Citrus Bowl in order to prioritize his preparation for the 2024 NFL Draft. As a fifth-year senior and having fulfilled his college eligibility, Milton aimed to focus on refining his skills and steering clear of potential injuries that might affect his draft prospects. While acknowledging the significance of his time at Tennessee, Milton’s choice to opt out was firmly rooted in his long-standing dream of playing in the NFL.

What’s Next for Joe Milton?

Following his decision to opt out of the Citrus Bowl, Joe Milton will continue to focus on honing his abilities and preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft. His standout performances during the 2023 season have undoubtedly drawn attention from NFL scouts and teams. As he positions himself for the next phase of his football career, all eyes will be on Joe Milton as he strives to make an impact at the professional level.


Is Joe Milton eligible for the NFL Draft?

Yes, Joe Milton is eligible for the 2024 NFL Draft as a fifth-year senior who has completed his college eligibility.

What were Joe Milton’s statistics during the 2023 season?

During the 2023 season, Joe Milton passed for 2,813 yards and 20 touchdowns while also rushing for 299 yards and seven touchdowns.

Will Joe Milton’s decision to opt out of the Citrus Bowl impact his draft prospects?

While his decision to opt out may be subject to individual team evaluations, Milton’s focus on refining his skills and avoiding potential injuries demonstrates his commitment to maximizing his draft prospects.


Joe Milton’s decision to opt out of the Citrus Bowl aligns with his determination to pursue a career in the NFL. As he turns his focus to preparing for the 2024 NFL Draft, his impressive performances and dedication to refining his skills position him as a prospect to watch in the upcoming draft. The football world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Joe Milton’s journey as he transitions to the professional stage.

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