Kangana Ranaut Sets the Record Straight: Not Dating EaseMyTrip Founder

After making headlines with her presence at the Ram Mandir consecration, actor Kangana Ranaut found herself once again in the spotlight due to dating rumors. It was reported that she was dating EaseMyTrip co-founder Nishant Pitti after their pictures together at the Ram Mandir went viral on social media. However, Kangana took to her Instagram to address these rumors and set the record straight.

Kangana confirmed that she is indeed dating someone, but contrary to the reports, it is not Nishant Pitti. She urged the media to refrain from spreading misinformation, stating, “Nishant ji is happily married and I am dating someone else. Wait for the right time, please don’t embarrass us, it’s not nice to link a young woman to a new man every day just because they clicked pictures together. Please don’t do this.”

The actor and Nishant were first seen together on the day of the consecration and were spotted again visiting the temple together. Speculation further intensified as some social media users pointed out that Kangana had recently visited Nishant’s house. However, Kangana clarified that she is not romantically involved with Nishant Pitti.

Amidst the dating rumors, Kangana Ranaut is immersed in her upcoming film ‘Emergency,’ where she will be portraying the character of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Not only is she the leading lady of the film but has also taken on the roles of producer and director.


Is Kangana Ranaut dating the co-founder of EaseMyTrip?

No, Kangana Ranaut clarified that she is dating someone else and not Nishant Pitti, the co-founder of EaseMyTrip.

Who is Kangana Ranaut currently dating?

Kangana Ranaut has not revealed the identity of the person she is dating.

What is Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film?

Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film is titled ‘Emergency,’ where she will be portraying the character of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.


Kangana Ranaut’s statement has put an end to the dating speculations surrounding her and the co-founder of EaseMyTrip. As she continues to make waves in the entertainment industry with her upcoming projects, fans and the media eagerly await further developments in her career.

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