Kingpin’s Journey Before Marvel’s Echo and His Future in the MCU

What Happened to Kingpin Before Marvel’s Echo?

Before making his appearance in Marvel’s Echo, Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk, had a significant storyline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s television series. His journey began in the Netflix series Daredevil, where actor Vincent D’Onofrio portrayed the fearsome villain. In Daredevil season 3, Kingpin faced a downfall after lawyer-turned-vigilante Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, exposed his criminal activities.

Despite facing arrest and a brutal fight with Daredevil, Kingpin returned in season 3, attempting to rebuild his life and image. However, his schemes were thwarted, leading to a dramatic confrontation at his wedding and further clashes with Daredevil, leaving his fate uncertain. The story becomes complicated when considering the canonicity of the Marvel Netflix shows, including Daredevil.

Although there is uncertainty about whether events in Daredevil are part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kingpin made a formal MCU debut in 2021’s Hawkeye. The integration of Daredevil’s storyline into the broader MCU remains unclear, but executive producer Brad Winderbaum suggested that Daredevil is part of the “Sacred Timeline.”

Despite this, the relationship between Daredevil and other MCU shows, like Echo, remains uncertain, creating a level of mystery and intrigue around Kingpin’s character before his appearance in Marvel’s Echo.

Where Did We Last Leave Off With Kingpin Before ‘Echo’?

Before Kingpin’s return in Marvel’s Echo, we last saw him facing a potential assassination attempt in the Hawkeye series. In a confrontation with his adoptive daughter, Maya Lopez, Kingpin’s orchestrated events that led to the murder of her biological father were exposed. Seeking revenge, Maya aimed her gun at him, and while the outcome was initially unknown, the post-credits scene in Marvel’s Echo reveals that Kingpin survived the gunshot wound.

Recovering from the injury, he now sets his sights on a new endeavor – a bid for the mayor’s seat in New York City. The post-credits scene in Marvel’s Echo indicates that Kingpin is inspired to run for mayor after hearing discussions about the need for a strong and unconventional leader in New York City. This sets the stage for his next storyline in the MCU, as he plans to use his public image to gain political power.

The scene also introduces the idea of Kingpin dealing with the “remaining heads” of his organization, hinting at potential challenges he faces in stabilizing his criminal empire. This sets up an intriguing path for Kingpin’s character as he transitions from a criminal mastermind to a political player in the ongoing Marvel narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Daredevil series featuring Kingpin considered part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The canonicity of the Marvel Netflix shows, including Daredevil, in the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe remains uncertain. While Daredevil and its characters have made appearances in MCU shows such as Hawkeye and Echo, the official integration of these storylines is yet to be clearly defined.

2. What can we expect from Kingpin’s character in the future of the MCU?

With Kingpin’s bid for the mayor’s seat in New York City and his dealings with the remaining heads of his criminal organization, his character is poised to evolve from a criminal mastermind to a political player. His pursuit of political power and potential challenges in stabilizing his empire set the stage for an intriguing and complex storyline in the ongoing Marvel narrative.


Kingpin’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from his earlier appearances in the Daredevil series to his return in Hawkeye and Echo, presents an evolving and enigmatic character. As the MCU continues to explore his story, the transition of Kingpin from a criminal underworld figure to a political aspirant paves the way for compelling and unpredictable developments in the future of the Marvel narrative.

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