Konkona Sensharma reveals not watching Ranbir Kapoor‘s Animal: “I haven’t been drawn to the film.”

✍️Konkona Sensharma Opens Up About Not Watching ‘Animal’ and Her Views on Violence in Films✍️

Konkona Sensharma, the talented actress known for her compelling performances, recently shared her thoughts on the film ‘Animal,’ starring Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna. In a candid conversation with ANI, she revealed that she has not watched the film, stating that it is not her kind of movie and suggesting that she is not the target audience for the film.

Sensharma expressed her reservations about the film, particularly with regards to the director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s previous work, wherein she highlighted her disapproval of violence being normalized in relationships. She emphasized that while she doesn’t mind watching a film with such content if it is executed well, ‘Animal’ did not pique her interest, even after considering reviews and audience feedback.

Addressing the violence depicted in films, the versatile actress articulated her stance, stating that she does not oppose the portrayal of violence on screen as long as it serves a purpose. Sensharma underscored her preference for meaningful and purposeful depictions of violence and intimacy, emphasizing that gratuitous depictions of such elements do not align with her preferences.

Despite ‘Animal’ garnering controversy, the film succeeded at the box office, amassing over Rs 500 crore and resonating with a substantial audience. The ensemble cast, featuring Anil Kapoor, Tripti Dimri, and Bobby Deol, contributed to the film’s commercial success.


1. ✍️Why did Konkona Sensharma not watch ‘Animal’?✍️
Konkona Sensharma expressed that ‘Animal’ did not appeal to her as a viewer and did not align with her cinematic preferences. She also cited her reservations about the director’s previous work and the normalization of violence in relationships as factors that deterred her from watching the film.

2. ✍️What are Konkona Sensharma’s views on violence in films?✍️
Sensharma highlighted her support for the portrayal of violence on screen if it is justified and serves a meaningful purpose within the narrative. She emphasized the importance of purposeful depictions of violence and intimacy in films, cautioning against gratuitous representations of these elements.

3. ✍️How did ‘Animal’ perform at the box office?✍️
Despite facing controversies, ‘Animal’ enjoyed a successful theatrical run, amassing over Rs 500 crore at the box office. The film’s commercial success was further bolstered by the performances of its ensemble cast, featuring Anil Kapoor, Tripti Dimri, and Bobby Deol.

✍️In Conclusion✍️

Konkona Sensharma’s candid remarks provide insight into her discerning approach towards film viewing and her perspective on the portrayal of violence in cinema. While her decision not to watch ‘Animal’ reflects personal preferences, her commentary underscores the importance of purposeful storytelling and thematic resonance in cinematic narratives. Amidst diverse opinions on cinema, Sensharma’s thoughtful reflections offer valuable perspectives on engaging with films and the artistic choices that shape them.

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