Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch in Review: An In-Depth Look at the ECG and Blood Sugar Monitoring Features

Kospet recently introduced the iHeal 5 smartwatch, a feature-packed device from their iHeal line, known for its sleek design and advanced health monitoring features. This review will explore the smartwatch’s functionalities and assess whether it lives up to the hype.

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review

In today’s technological landscape, wearable devices have become increasingly sophisticated, catering to a wide range of consumer needs. Kospet’s new iHeal 5 smartwatch offers a plethora of impressive features, raising the question of its overall value and utility.

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch: Specifications


The iHeal 5 smartwatch boasts a sporty, stylish look with a circular body frame and a minimalist aesthetic. Crafted from zinc alloy with a polished finish, it exudes durability and sophistication. The silicon straps with a steel buckle contribute to its robust build.


Featuring a 1.43-inch Super HD AMOLED circular display, the iHeal 5 provides a vibrant and detailed viewing experience. With a borderless design and 3D glass coverage, the display offers both visual appeal and enhanced protection.

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch: Features

ECG Monitor

The smartwatch includes built-in sensors for real-time heart health monitoring through ECG tracking. This feature accurately tracks bioelectricity changes in the heart, providing valuable insights into cardiac health.

Blood Oxygen Tracking

The iHeal 5 incorporates red and infrared light sensors to precisely monitor blood oxygen levels, enhancing its role as a comprehensive health companion.

Temperature Monitoring

Equipped with a 24-hour automatic body temperature monitor, the smartwatch ensures continuous and reliable temperature tracking, promoting proactive health management.

Collection of Sports Modes

The smartwatch offers a diverse range of sports modes to cater to various fitness activities, enhancing its utility as a fitness companion.


Is the Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch suitable for fitness enthusiasts?

Yes, the iHeal 5 Smartwatch offers a collection of sports modes, making it suitable for fitness enthusiasts to track and monitor their workout activities.

How accurate is the ECG monitoring feature of the iHeal 5 Smartwatch?

The ECG monitoring feature of the iHeal 5 Smartwatch provides real-time and accurate tracking of heart health, offering valuable insights into cardiac activity.

Does the iHeal 5 Smartwatch support continuous temperature monitoring?

Yes, the iHeal 5 Smartwatch is equipped with a 24-hour automatic temperature monitor, allowing users to continuously track their body temperature.


The Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch presents a compelling option for individuals seeking a versatile and comprehensive health monitoring wearable. With its ECG monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, temperature monitoring, and array of sports modes, it caters to diverse user needs, making it a valuable addition to one’s lifestyle.

# The Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch: A Comprehensive Review

The Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch is a feature-packed wearable device that caters to both fitness enthusiasts and individuals who prioritize health monitoring. With an array of sports modes, Bluetooth calling, and various other utility features, the iHeal 5 offers a comprehensive package for its users. Whether you are into an active lifestyle or need a reliable health monitor, this smartwatch aims to provide seamless functionality.

➤ Key Features

➤# Fitness and Health Tracking
The iHeal 5 smartwatch offers a wide collection of sports modes, including running, cycling, volleyball, yoga, skipping, jogging, climbing, tacking, swimming, and more. It seamlessly tracks step counts, calories burned, distance traveled, and other essential health and sports metrics. Additionally, it provides real-time heart health monitoring, sleep tracking, ECG and blood sugar monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and body temperature measurement.

➤# Connectivity and Utility Features
With the ability to connect to your phone with a single click, the iHeal 5 smartwatch enables seamless features such as receiving and answering calls, managing notifications, and even controlling music playback. It also includes other utility features like weather updates, AI voice assistant, calculator, alarm clock, find your phone, event reminder, and more.

➤# Pricing and Availability
The smartwatch comes in two color options, dark and silver, with choices of stainless steel and silicone straps. It is available on Kospet’s official website and is priced at $44.99 USD.

➤ Is Kospet iHeal 5 the Best ECG and Blood Sugar Monitor?

The Kospet iHeal 5 stands out as a competitive option in the wearable technology market due to its comprehensive health monitoring features and various sports modes. It has the potential to be the ideal choice for individuals who prioritize health and fitness, offering the convenience of continuous monitoring and timely workout tracking.

➤ Conclusion

The Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch presents itself as a compelling option for users seeking a versatile wearable device that excels in health tracking and sports functionality. With its array of features and an attractive price point, it has the potential to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

# FAQs

➤# 1. Can the Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch track blood sugar levels?
Yes, the iHeal 5 smartwatch is equipped with an ECG and blood sugar monitor, allowing it to provide continuous health monitoring, including blood sugar levels.

➤# 2. What types of notifications can I manage with the iHeal 5 smartwatch?
The smartwatch allows you to manage various notifications, including incoming calls, messages, and app alerts.

➤# 3. Is the Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch waterproof?
Yes, the iHeal 5 smartwatch is designed to be water-resistant, making it suitable for activities like swimming and water-based workouts.

➤# 4. How many sports modes does the iHeal 5 smartwatch offer?
The smartwatch offers a wide collection of sports modes, including running, cycling, volleyball, yoga, skipping, jogging, climbing, tacking, swimming, and more.

In conclusion, the Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch offers an impressive array of features for those seeking a reliable health monitor and a versatile fitness companion, making it a noteworthy contender in the wearable technology landscape.

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