Tuesday, September 26

Maharashtra: Farmer became millionaire in a month from tomato farming

Tukaram Bhagoji Gaykar, a tomato farmer from Pune district in Maharashtra, has become a millionaire within a month by selling 13,000 crates of tomatoes and earning Rs 1.5 crore. This is a remarkable achievement for a farmer who cultivates tomatoes in 12 acres of land out of his total 18 acres of land. Tukaram earned Rs 2,100 per crate of tomatoes, which is a significant amount for a farmer.
On Friday, Tukaram sold a total of 900 crates of tomatoes, earning Rs 18 lakh in a single day. The maximum price of a tomato crate (20 kg) in the market is Rs 2,500, which means Rs 125 per kg. This is a good price for farmers who work hard to cultivate their crops.
It is heartening to see farmers like Tukaram Bhagoji Gaykar earning a good income from their hard work and dedication. This is especially important in a country like India, where agriculture is the backbone of the economy and provides employment to a large section of the population.
This news comes just a day after another farmer from Kolar, Karnataka, earned Rs 38 lakh from tomatoes. This shows that there is a good demand for tomatoes in the market, and farmers who cultivate them can earn a good income.

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